Community:  Still hillarious, and they dealt with the whole love triangle thing beautifully.  I know that there is alot competing for your attention at 8 pm on Thursday nights, but definately make this a must see either on TV or online.

30 Rock: This is still suffering from the same problem it had last year—up and down episodes.  Some bits are funny, some just don’t connect, and they bring up things we thought had been dead for years.  Lemon admits she is on a list to adopt a baby—how many years ago did that happen then it was never mentioned again!  If you find a gap in your schedule at 830 check it out, if not watch it online when you have time.

The Office:  This is the final season of Steve Carrell and I would like to tell you it was so on spot that I couldn’t stop laughing, but I can’t.  It had its moments but the show still seems to be struggling to find its sweetspot.  Its a good 9 pm show and when its funny its so worth it, so I’m keeping it in my schedule.

Outsourced:  Was worse than I even thought possible.  I’m sure you all have seen, and laughed at, the “Grits” preview.  Unfortunately that was the only funny joke in the premiere episode, and I had already seen it so much it was no longer funny.  I’m really mad that they pushed Parks and Rec back for this load of crap, I’m picking this to be the first sitcom death of the new TV season.


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