We are picking up 7 months after everyone left to go there seperate ways.  Cam has left the Jeffersonian to become the Federal Coroner but things are not going well.  There is a 2 year old boy missing, and Cam has what appears to be his body in her lab, but she cannot confirm that.  Caroline calls everyone back in from their new locations to help save Cam’s job. 

Of course the thing we are all waiting for is the Booth/Bones reunion.  They meet at the reflecting pool and have a heart to heart about whether or not they met anyone.  Bones has not, but Booth has.  He is dating a war correspondent and tells Bones that it is very serious between them.  Bones is upset, but works hard not to let it show.  As much as we all want to boo this new relationship, I think we have to let this ride and hope for the best 🙂

The group quickly establishes that this boy is not the missing boy.  And honestly, they do it so quickly i’m questioning whether or not Cam is the best at her job (I hope this is just lingering Cam hate from when she first joined the show).  So, its not THE missing boy, but the body is somebodies kid.  The upshot is that he is a North Korean immigrant, choked on a small object (turns out to be a screw), his family tried to save him but could not and buried him out of fear of retribution. 

The gang even manages to find the actual missing boy, his father took him but he is still alive.

So with the case out the way and everyone agreeing to stay, let me give you a rundown of everyone’s whereabouts:

Sweets: playing piano in some bar, comes back to the Jeffersonian.  Decides to break off the engagement with Daisy, but they end up making out by the end of the show, so who knows.

Angela/Hodgins: both decide to leave Paris and come back to the Jeffersonian.  Anglea is pregnant!

Wendall:  All of Bones’ interns have moved on, Wendall went started doing mechanic work because his fellowship fell apart when Bones left.  Bones apparently is taking care of that because he agrees to come back.

Daisy: is back in the states, its unclear if she is back on the team, and its even more unclear if she and Sweets are back together.

A good come back episode, the case could have been left out completely because we all know we just want to see the group relationship, but I guess without the cases there would be no group.  I’m excited for the new season, what about you all?

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