Now that the club is sure that Abel is in Canada they are all gung ho to get up there.  Unfortunately, there is only one problem, Hale’s brother has convinced the courts to lock up the Sons until that court date for running in armed to the white supremacist meeting.  Of course the Sons are not going to just go to jail and vote to head on up to Canada despite Oswald’s money/land being on the line.

Meanwhile Gemma has lost her dad, he ran away with the car and the shot gun.  She has no idea where to find him, and we see him sitting next to a pond contemplating suicide.  Tara is feeling bad for the care giver they are holding hostage and agres to untie one of her hands so she can get blood flow back.  Of course the care giver takes advantage, whacks Tara in the head with an oxygen tank, and starts her escape.  Gemma is upstairs and unaware this is happening.  Her dad has finally returned and is having a lucid day.  He remembers that his wife is dead and tells Gemma that these days are the hardest.  Gemma tells him that he will have to leave his home soon and he nods that he understands.   As Gemma comes back in the house the caregiver busts up stairs and holds her against the wall with a knife to her throat.  Gemma appears trapped, but Tara shows up and knocks the woman off Gemma,  when Gemma pushes the caregiver up against the wall the knife goes into the woman and kills her. 

So now, not only is Gemma on the lamb for one murder, she and Tara have now killed another person.  Tig calls in the cleaner to help cover up the mess.  The cleaner arrives and its Stephen King!  Brilliant casting and he is just creepy enough to pull off being a cleaner.  He wraps things up and it appears Gemma and Tara have gotten away with murder.

We get a look at what is going on in Belfast, where Cameron has been killed and made an example of.  Half-Sack’s girlfriend also happens to have been placed in Belfast, and is working for Cameron’s cousin (Maureen), who happens to be keeping Abel.  (Do you feel like its all coming together now???)  We also learn that John Teller (Jax’s dad) had some kind of relationship with Maureen who is now holding Cameron hostage and is cousin to the man who took him in the first place.  Maureen wants to get in touch with Gemma, i’m guessing to hash out how to settle this Abel thing safely.  She asks Half-Sacks girl to make the contact, and his girl learns that Cameron killed Half-Sack.  She brings Maureen the number but it is actually Gemma’s cell phone that she does not have because she is on the lam. 

The crew gets a picture of Cameron’s dead body and realizes Abel must be in Belfast.  So now that raises the question of what the Sons crew in Belfast knows about his kidnapping and what this means for the relationship with the Irish? 

Great episode again this week and so many more puzzle pieces are dropping.  Is is possible that Maureen is Jax’s real mom?  Did that connection have something to do with John’s death/murder?  I’m hoping that this next week will result in Abel coming home, because it is so obvious what has happened that they cannot possibly drag this out more.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Stephen King! I was like What?!? That was a pleasant surprise. King was as creepy as he needed to be. It really added to an interesting episode.

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