Glee is back!  Break out your sing along voices because here is what you got hear tonight on Glee:


We met our first new characters tonight, which made me a little nervous, but so far that have only added to the show.  First we met Coach Beiste (like beast—but its french) who has taken over for Coach Tenake.  She has managed to get the Cheerio and Glee budget cut by 10% and Sue and Will are none to happy.  They decide to put aside their differences to take her down—their first approach is to order 10 pizzas in her name (i’m guessing this is Will’s plan).

Will is also trying to add new members to Glee but because they are getting such bad press on a student blog no one wants to join.  So the club decides to put on a show for the school to bring in new members.  They perform Empire State of Mind and pique the interest of a couple new people, Sunshine (Charice) and Sam (Chord Overstreet).  Rachel works on bringing in Sunshine and we get a great little snippet of Telephone.  Finn works on Sam and we get to hear him sing Billionaire also great!

Rachel gets a little panicked when she realizes Sunshine has a better singing voice than her and wants to scare her off.  Kurt and Merecedes try to set her straight, but Rachel is too afraid and seems to set her in the wrong direction.  Meanwhile,  Sue steps up the mean girl games with the new coach and Will tries to fall in step, but he ends up really hurting her feelings. 

Artie decides to join the football team in order to win Tina back.  Tina has dumped him for Mike, but when Finn tries to approach the new coach she is already upset and kicks Finn off the team.  Finn decides to try out for Cheerio’s, but gets laughed out of the room.  Will tries to stick up for him but gets set straight by the new coach.  Santana (or boobs mcgee)  gets a boob job over the summer and Sue gives her an actual good speech about self esteem, and then informs her that Quinn will be replacing her as captain.  This leads to a nice catfight in the hallway with Santana bitch slapping Quinn.

No one showed up for the Glee auditions, including Sam and Sunshine.  Everyone finds out what Rachel did and confront her about it.  Rachel is told to make things right with Sunshine so she sets up a suprise audition for her, where we got hear Listen.  This of course lands Sunshine as our newest Glee member.

Sue takes things one step too far with trying to eliminate Coach Beiste by having Brittany say that the new coach touched her.  Will comes to the rescue and gets Brittany to admit its a lie.  Will apologizes to the new coach in one of his classic heart to heart moments.  She accepts, but Sue is still on her destruction path and brings dog poop cookies to the Coach and tells Will he will pay for backing down. 

Sam admits he didn’t audition after how the coach treated Finn and how the rest of the school treats the Glee kids.  Finn finds out Sam is replacing him at quarterback and is heartbroken.  When Will goes to congratulate Sunshine he finds out that Vocal Adrenaline has snatched her up after a tip from Sue.  Rachel is upset that everyone is mad at her and sings What I Did For Love—kind of an odd choice considering how truly conceited she is, but whatever, it was pretty. 

A great start to the season and I am pumped for more episodes! 


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