Chuck’s mom is back and as I (and told you over the summer its Linda Hamilton.  Chuck and Sarah are coming up on there 6/9 month anniversary, but Sarah is on a mission with John that never seems to end and Chuck is out the spy game.  Things are hard on them, but thank god not hard enough for us to have to go through one of their faux break ups! 

Chuck is looking for his mom and on that great mission, with Morgan by his side (and running finances) they manage to go 43,000 dollars in debt and have their 900 dollar hatch back repoed.  Chuck decides since he is just trying to be a normal guy he will find a normal job.  Ellie helps him land several interviews, but they all seem to go mysteriously wrong.  One interviewer throws up, one goes into convlusions, one leaves and never comes back.  At his last interview, the interviewer recieves a phone call and tells Chuck he just can’t hire him.  Chuck is down and out, but when he and Morgan stumble upon the newly rebuilt Buy More.  Chuck is finally home and goes to see the manager about a job.  Turns out the new manager is General Beckman and she is running a CIA operation out of the new Buy More.  I found the premise contrived, but had to agree with Morgan that the Buy More was pretty damn cool.

While Sarah and John are out tracking down a Russian bady (Dolph Lundgren) Chuck gets back on the trail of his mom.  He hit a dead end the first time only finding a take out menu, but when he sees the same symbol from the menu on a weapons box that Sarah and John found he goes back on the search.  Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, and John all manage to end up in the same place in Russia.  Sarah and John are being held captive and Chuck has finally managed to find him something on his mom.  While he is trying to decrypt it he finds out about Sarahs situation and goes all bad ass Chuck and comes to her rescue.  Before he can get his information downloaded they have to escape so Chuck is behind again. All is not lost however,  as we head to credits we see Chucks mom standing over Dolph Lundgren and preparing to kill him for messing with her baby boy.

No Jeffster or Captain Awesome on this episode…budget constraints, but we did get Ellie and we learned that she is pregnant!  So that means we are going to get a baby Bartowski and if a next season comes seeing Chuck interact with that baby.  This could be their “Oliver” moment, lets hope it doesn’t come to that.


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