The season starts off with an intimate moment between House and Cuddy as she “checked” his injuries.

The hospital tried to contact Cuddy (the surgeon got sick during a procedure), the team wondered where House was.  House told Cuddy that they were more important than the hospital right now.  Obviously Cuddy has issues with leaving work behind and relaxing.  Cuddy is stressed out about losing the only neurosurgeon that they have.  While making Cuddy a bath House broke down and called Chase to get updates.  He deemed Chase the neurosurgeon for the next 13 hours.

Cuddy’s assistant did not believe the lie that Chase was the neurosurgeon and that the ER would be shut down.  Wilson was worried about house and stopped by his apartment were House did a good impersonation of an answering machine.  Meanwhile, Chase and Thirteen tried to get the sick neurosurgeon to get him back at the hospital.  So they planned to treat him in order to get him back to the hospital.

Wilson tried to break into House’s apartment and gets stuck.  House eventually helps him inside and tells Wilson that he hasn’t relapsed that he was spending the day with his girlfriend.  Wilson responded, ” when did you start referring to hookers as girlfriends?”  House then said he was with his girlfriend Cuddy and Wilson thinks he has lost his mind.  When House took Wilson to the bedroom to show him that Cuddy was there she was gone! Ha,ha she was hiding in the closet.

Hepatitis and Peptic Ulcer disease is one of two options that the neurosurgeon.  Oh yeah, today is Thirteen’s last day.

Everything ended well.  The neurosurgeon proved he could perform in the ER, House and Cuddy solidified their relationship. Or did they?  A glance of second thoughts were on both their faces.  The team realized Thirteen lied to them all day and that she was gone with no way to find her.


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