So I did not get to watch SOA last night, but I did get the opportunity to catch the season premieres of Parenthood and Life Unexpected.  These will not be regular blog topics for us, but I did want to give you guys some quick thoughts on them so you can decide if you need to add them to your regular viewing schedule.

Life Unexpected:  This was unexpectedly bad.  I was a fan of the show last season, begged for you to watch it, and even asked for you to tune into the new season on our anniversary VLOG.  But, I’m asking you now to pass.  The season premiere was so contrived and boring that I cannot put you through the misery of a whole season of this.  If there was a world record for bad choices made in a season premiere Life Unexpected would have that record hands down.  Bug proposes to Lux, she says yes, then proceeds to spend the night with a guy she just met who is clearly older than her, and then finds out he is a new teacher at her school.  While all this is happening Kate is getting fired from her radio job cause she is kind of a grating bitch (both on the actual TV show and her radio show) who seems to only get worse after marriage.  Oh, and that lovely husband of hers is hiding some secret named Julia.  Yeah that should end well.  And of course Baze is still harboring feelings for Kate, to deal with that he decides to get drunk and sleep with his new bartender (the chick that was Dean’s wife/ex-wife on Gilmore Girls) who accidentally burns down the bar on her way out the next day.  So yeah, you have a whole season of those story lines wrapping up and I just can’t put you through that.  Sorry to say it, but I think Life Unexpected is officially dead.

Parenthood:  The season premire was running middle of the road.  It was straddling that line of drawing in new viewers by introducing all the characters and carrying foward storylines that regular viewers already knew. I am anticipating this getting better in the next episode, and really do recommend you all watch this show.  Its a funny smart comedy/drama show with some great acting.


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