The second episode picked up where the pilot left off.  At a competition to qualify for regional competition.  The University gave an ultimatum to place or have the program cut.

Savannah had a little chat with her old teammate from Memphis Heat.  Charlotte was not a nice christian.  Marti’s friend Dan crashed the scene and Marti asked him to come behind the scenes.  Meanwhile, her mother has her paged backstage and spilled the beans that Alice invited her to the competition.  Dan suggested that Savannah get rid of Marti’s mom so that she can focus.  Could there be a thing between Dan and Savannah?  Hmmm.

Alice is a spoiled brat who wants to punish Marti and anyone else who gets in her way.  It was made very clear that Alice is not struggling to hold on to a scholarship.  As Alice was having her own personal drama, Charlotte fell and hurt herself.  It was revealed that Charlotte is Savannah’s sister.  I feel like the drama is really coming out only 10 minutes into this episode.  They may want to slow down.

Burn!  Savannah’s mom didn’t even acknowledge her when she went into her sister’s hospital room.  Her family hasn’t been in the same room together in almost a year.  Her sister was still cold-hearted.  Savannah and Marti have really bonded over the week!  Marti is really fitting in at her new house with her new teammates.  She is really struggling with her new schedule and showed up late for class do to workouts.  She still has time to hangout with Dan at the docks.  Maybe Dan will hook up with Marti.  So many options.

I’m not really feeling the storyline with the new football coach and the Hellcats coach.  Too much all at once!  Focus on the girls.  Meanwhile, Marti’s mom crashes the house with ribs, cornbread and wine.  It got pretty ugly.  Speaking of ugly, Savannah’s mom actually talked to her to tell her she better be at a prayer service (her sister will be fine) for her sister at the same time she has her competition.

Marti and Savannah challenged each other to do something about their relationships with their moms.  This should be interesting.  As the team was getting ready, Savannah sent a prayer up for Charlotte and the rest of her family.  Marti’s mom miraculously showed up.  No, oh wait, she is Facebook friends with half of Marti’s squad.  Marti asked her mom to stay for the competition.  She realized they both have to get past it.

The Hellcats rocked it and Marti landed her airplane.  Where was Dan?  Oh yeah, he came from nowhere and was sitting next to Marti’s mom.  Side note the football coach brought his players to cheer on the Hellcats. Lame.  The Hellcats did win.  What’s up next?

Favorite Line:  “You’re a big girl you will figure it out.”- Marti to her mom.

Favorite Song:  My First Kiss by 3oh!3 featuring Ke$ha

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