The bitch is back!  Kathrine returned at the end of last season and now everyone realizes she is back.  After chopping off Uncle John’s immortality ring (and four fingers!) then stabbing him in the gut, Katherine is still hanging around the house.  Elena finds Uncle John and catches some brief glimpses of Kathrine….of course she doesn’t realize who it is yet.  Meanwhile, Jeremy is still upstairs OD’ing on sleeping pills.  Luckily for us, he did not take enough to kill him and turn him to a vampire.  Thank God, moody Jeremy is annoying enough, no need to add bloodthirsty to that!  Stefan gives him alittle smack and a lecture about how the next suicide will kill him not turn him.  Jeremy seems to be committed to staying in the world of the living.

Meanwhile, Caroline is in the hospital and things are not looking good.  After the vampire trap set off Tylers wolfman hearing and caused him to crash his car, Caroline has some bad internal injuries and is on the verge of death.  Damon offers to give her a little blood, not to turn her, but to heal her.   Elena is against it, but bad ass witch Bonnie is all for it.  Damon tells her this means she can’t kill him and she says she will think about it.  Elena and Damon have a little moment when he wants to talk about the kiss they shared.  Elena is baffled and Damon is angry that she can just forget it when he can’t.  Then when Aunt Jenna comes and remembers talking to Elena, but Elena doesn’t remember, Damon realizes he was locking lips with Katherine.

Meanwhile, Katherine is back at Elenas trying to fool Stefan.  Luckily, he ain’t buying it.  They get in a massive fight and then Katherine runs away.  Damon has to tell Stefan about the kiss he thought he shared with Elena.  Stefan gets pissed and tries to fight Damon.  Damon is thrilled at the prospect of the fight, but Elena convinces them to put the fight aside, both brothers agree to settle this later.  The plan now is to ignore Katherine and smoke her out. 

But our dear Katherine will not be ignored.  She shows up at the wake for Mayor Lockwood and is invited in by Tyler.  She meets Bonnie and Bonnie realizes quickly that she is not the real Elena.  Katheirne realizes that Bonnie knows and meets her properly with a hand around Bonnie’s throat.  Bonnie tries her little witchy tricks, but Katherine has been there and done that.  Then Bonnie blows open the doors so everyone can see and there is Stefan telling her to let Bonnie go.  Stefan and Katherine go for a little walk and Stefan explains he has no interest in Katherine and loves Elena. 

Katherine decides to pay a visit to Damon next.  After a fight, they end up making out, Damon stops and tells Katherine he will forget everything if they could just be together.  Katherine tells him that she never loved him, that she always loved Stefan, and that it will always be Stefan.  Damon is heartbroken and goes to Elena’s house drunk.  He tries to kiss her and Jeremy walks in.  Damon is angry that Elena rejected him too and proceeds to break Jeremy’s neck so he can go ahead and be a vampire.  Elena thinks he is dead because the vampire blood is almost out of his system, but luckily for Jeremy Uncle John gave him the immortality ring on his way out of town.  So Jeremy is alive, and immortal, Stefan and Elena hate Damon (more) for trying to kill Jeremy, and Damon is on a rampage to alienate everyone.

As if that all was not enough, Katherine shows up at the hospital to visit Caroline.  She asks Caroline to deliver a message to the Salvitor brothers and proceeds to smother her.  Now, this raises the question of whether or not Caroline is really dead.  We do run the small risk that she she could turn into a vampire since she had Damon’s blood in her system.  I have a feeling this is true as I doubt Katherine would really think murdering Caroline would be a real message.

A few other random things:

  • We met Tyler’s Uncle Mason tonight.  He is “cursed” as well but seems to have control.  So, I’m guessing he will be hanging around this season.
  • Best line of the night goes to Damon: “At the risk of adding another frown line to that already crowded forhead.”  When he is debating whether or not to tell Stefan about kissing Katherine/Elena

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