Who would have thought that Thursday nights on the CW would be packed with action!  I had my reservations about a new Nikita but I have to give it up on the pilot for the 2010 version.  Maggie Q, you really play the character on point.  Hats off.  

Nikita (hitfix.com)

Six years ago Nikita was taken out of Prison.  Three years ago she got out of the assassination business.  Now she is going to make sure she is not the last!  

The show opened up with a thief named, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) being caught and arrested.  The next thing she knows she is waking up in a solitary room and greeted by Michael (Shane West).  Alex is The Divisions newest recruit for an assassin.   

We then see Nikita (Q) visiting Gary, her foster dad from 11 years ago.  You can tell that the relationship was not a good one.  The writers did a good job of giving just enough back story to let viewers know what the heck was going on and why.  Susie ran away from her foster home situation, started hanging out with the wrong crowd, got into drugs and at the age of 18 was accused of killing a cop.  I want to learn more about that!  Anyway, when she was supposed to be executed The Division stepped in and recruited her.  She was trained to be a ghost and one of their best.  For three years Nikita did what she had to do for The Division until she broke one rule.  She fell in love with a civilian named Daniel.  Of course The Division had him killed.  This episode was about sending The Division a message.  

We got to see the inside of the Division and parts of Alex’s training.  Amanda (Melinda Clark) trained Alex to embrace her beauty.  I bet there is more than meets the eye with this woman.  After three years Nikita visited Daniels grave and set up The Division, who has been trying to track her down.  She turned the tables on them and kidnapped Birkoff (Aaron Stanford) to gain access to The Division’s network.  He wouldn’t help her and apparently the two have a history because she didn’t kill him either.  

Someone from the inside was giving Nikita inside information from The Division and it wasn’t Birkoff.  She was tipped off on their next mission “Black Arrow.”  She revealed herself to Michael and Percy, the head of The Division(Xander Berkeley), after she went to save the target.  Apparently The Division is paid by companies (example oil companies) who want anyone who could stand in their way taken out.  Nikita was able to get away and we see Percy making her Priority and anyone a level 6 or below was on the case and he declared it a war.   

The inside source is revealed and I was actually shocked!  It was Alex!  Nikita has trained her well in deceiving The Division.  We also see at the end of the episode that Nikita was one of Alex’s partners in the first scene of the robbery.  I think this is worth a second look so I will be checking it out again next week.  

As I am not a huge fan of re-makes, I will let this Nikita slide but let’s take a moment to remember the Nikita’s before Maggie Q!  


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