Hank is a former cop and Britt is a former criminal and now they are private investigators.  That’s the jist of Terriers, but then there is so much more.  They are clearly friends and when Hank hums a song that is stuck in his head just to have it stuck in Britts you have yourself a full on buddy PI dramedy and I love it!

The pilot opens with our PI’s (without a license because they found it is easier to operate without one….they run less risk of having them taken away) retrieving a dog from a muscle bound dude.  They did this for Britts dry cleaner in exchange for cleaning whatever they have for free for the next week.  Make note of the picture, these ar enot guys who own dry clean only clothes, so that gives you a sense of how succesful the PI business is.  In the course of this retrieval, Hank’s ex-wife Gretchen locates him to let him know an old alcoholic friend of his is in jail and needs help.  When Hank bails him out he learns that his friends daughter is in some kind of trouble. 

Hank and Britt go to seek her out and find out she worked for a prominent land developer in the area.  He finds out from her boss, Landis, that she has not been to work in a week, but that she has shown him a copy of some of his “property” that she wants money to keep secret.  He offers our PI’s 20,000 to find her and retrieve his”property”.  The boys take the 20k and make a quick stop at Hank’s ex-wifes house which she is selling.  Hank promptly takes that money and puts a deposit on the house.  So now you know how they are at handling money 🙂

Hank uses some stolen detective information to triangulate the daughters cell phone signal.  When they track down the cell phone they find a dead body in the lifeguard tower.  The body has the daughters cell phone on it.  While searching for the body the PI’s truck gets towed….yeah its going to be one of those days.  Turns out the body belonged to the golf pro that was training the son of the wealthy land owner and coincidentally dating/banging the drunks daughter occassionaly.  Hank figures out that the “property” is a sex tape and is on the daugthers cell phone that he took off the dead body.  The sex is not the important part of the tape though, turns out our wealthy land owner reveals on tape that his next big development is in trouble.

The guys start moving the daughter out of town, they send her to Catalina for safety and to get clean.  Hank goes to the cops to let them know that he thinks Landis the land developer is responsible for the murder.  This is when they hear that body is found at the docks possible OD, last name of the daughter he just sent away.  Turns out it is her father and Hank is adimant that he would never have used heroin, let alone OD.  The boys return the phone to Landis and he offers them another 2ok.  Hank can’t just take the money and walk away and confronts Landis for killing his friend and tells him he will make him pay.  Hank and Britt break back into the Landis mansion that night to put the murder weapon in his house.  The detectives show up the next day, find the gun and arrest Landis. 

The previews for upcoming Terriers only look like things are getting better.  If you all did not watch it check it out online at FX.com and make sure you tune in next week for sure.  I will be recapping/reviewing at least the first two episodes, and if i’m still hooked i’ll do the whole season.


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