The season finale started off with Ellen Beals getting her way.  Sasha was kicked out of the gym and the girls were forced to not train with him.  Mark, who has been an absentee father also rejected Sasha’s offer to continue to train with Payson.

Big ups to Austin for calling Kaylie out on rigging the scale to fool her parents and Sasha!  We then got to see Summer put the moves on Sasha.  His shirt came off and then he stopped.  Summer felt so bad that she went to church to repent.  She prayed to the Lord to show her the man she is supposed to love.  After she did this Steve came to the church.  He was praying probably for Lauren.  They had a non-discussion about Lauren’s mother’s memorial service.  What the heck!

Austin tried to discuss Kaylie’s disease with her parents and talked about how he liked her.  That was his downfall because then Kaylie’s father kicked him out.  How can her father be so blind.

Damon was out with his manager looking for video girls and guess who was working, Bambi!  So of course she spilled the beans about Emily’s situation.  Damon went to Emily and she talked about how her court date and the world’s trial are conflicted.  Damon offered to go to his step-father for help.  How sweet.  His step- dad, Walter pulled through for Emily and got the judge to confirm that she was on the National Team.  Of course, Beals answered the phone and told the judge to teach her a lesson.  She- Devil!

Kaylie fell trying to do her move and Austin explained it was due to her Anorexia.  Ellen told the judges it was due to Sasha.    Then out of nowhere came Boris Belov (Bela Karolyi) came to inspire the girls!

Payson did a beautiful performance despite Ellen trying to sabotage her by talking to the judges.  She and the other girls stood up for Sasha and he was able to stay and watch the tryouts.  Lauren finally had a breakdown and her father told the truth about what happened with her mother.  He took the blame that it was his fault he never saw her.  He then gave Lauren the gift Leslie left for her.  I don’t like how the show brushed over the fact that her father kept the secret of her mother’s love away.  Lauren did an excellent performance and dedicated it to her mother. 

While on the beam, Kaylie finally passed out.  Austin was there to catch her.  I hope that opened the adults eyes!

Thanks to Ellen, Emily was arrested right after her vault.  This didn’t go without her whining about the pressure.  At least Damon was there to support her.  Emily nailed her vault!  Then off to jail.

Kaylie’s spot was held for second place if she was able to meet the physical requirements.  Third went to Lauren, fifth went to Emily and the sixth spot went to Payson!

Ha, ha Ellen your evil plan didn’t work!

  • Where did Sasha go?
  • What will happen with Kaylie?
  • Will Emily get her case dropped and her record cleaned?
  • Who doesn’t love Damon and Austin right now?
  • Summer and Steve ?  Are they back together?

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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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  1. Joe says:

    I, too, was left wondering about Summer and Steve. Summer was last seen enjoying a family dinner with Steve and Lauren, so she is clearly back in his life in some capacity. And we saw no indication that Sasha ever saw her again after putting the brakes on their make-out session. I’m crossing my fingers that Sasha returns.

    Alex was no doubt blind to Kaylie’s situation because he refused to see; when Austin admitted his romantic interests, that gave Alex an excuse to dismiss the kid’s legitimate concerns. As a former elite athlete himself, Alex is no doubt well aware of at least the temptation to eating disorders that plague athletes in general.

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