Bad Girls 2.12

The episode started off with Want You to Want Me sing off between Jane and Vanessa to Grayson!  Of course this was just a dream.


A daughter took a picture of herself in her bra and it went from an ex-boyfriend to a blog post.  The mom wanted it down but the daughter seemed not to care.  What do you know cyber bullying.  Jane enlisted Stacy to get girls to talk about how Madison is a mean person.  When they thought they had witnesses they all flaked out.  Who knew a mean girl like that in high school?  I didn’t.

Parker and Kim 

Jane told Kim about the kiss between Parker and Claire.  Kim did what all women should do and confronted Parker.  Parker said it didn’t mean anything but Kim responded, “enough for you to keep a secret.” 

Claire was crashing and burning on her case.  She refused to let Kim take control of the case and we all know Kim is a winner.  After the opposition got a tip about butterflies, Claire fired Kim for her insubordination!  What the heck! 

Kim gave Parker the evidence that Claire defrauded her husband.  Kim told him that she was fired and that they were officially over.  Parker then asked for Claire’s resignation. 

Stacy and Fred 

Fred was jealous over Stacy’s acting scene.  She had to kiss several guys for the right chemistry.  I wish Fred would slow it down!  

Jane won the case with help from Stacy.   Madison’s mom re-posted the picture to get back at the female student who told on her daughter for cheating on test. 

Parker and Kim 

We finally met the other half of Harrison and Ford.  She is a beautiful blonde named Leslie who used to be with Parker.  Kim volunteered her services to help Claire with her divorce.  Parker told Kim she had nothing to worry about.  She said, “who says I’m worried.”  Kim won the case with the help of Terri and Fred.  They found out that Claire’s husband was being blackmailed.  Fred, who is obsessed with math wanted to know where the money went.  He then found out that Claire was the blackmailer.  Money wasn’t the only thing Claire was after. Jane saw her kissing Parker in the office. 

Grayson and Vanessa

 Grayson had dinner with Vanessa’s family.  Vanessa’s family was talking about summer vacation and kids.  This seemed pretty fast.  Vanessa asked Grayson if this made him nervous and he said he wasn’t ready.  She asked if a future with Deb scared him and he said no.  So they broke up. Freeze the Day 2.13 

Parker, Kim and Claire 

Claire is back with the firm and Parker tried to set boundaries (no kissing).  Kim was told to work with her on a case. 

Grayson and Jane 

The dynamic duo are asked by  a college professor with Huntington’s disease to help her with the process of cryogenics.  She wanted to be frozen then so the disease wouldn’t harm her body.  The judge granted the professor her wish.  At a celebration, Jane noticed that she was drinking alcohol (if she was on Huntington meds she wouldn’t be drinking).  It turned out that she didn’t suffer from Huntington’s Disease at all.  The reason she wanted to be frozen was because she had her husband frozen after he died. 

 After that emotional scene, Jane decided to tell Grayson she was Deb.  Jane having a daydream with Paula as her wedding planner.

Fred tried to stop her but Jane was convinced she wanted to reveal herself.  Before she could, Grayson asked Jane to be his bestman.  Grayson asked Vanessa to marry him.  Grayson ran after Jane as she left the resturant only to be hit by a car.  Rember the consequences of revealing that Fred always talked about.  Grayson opened his eyes, looked at Jane and said Deb.


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