So much happened this episode that I can’t even take it!  I mean literally I had to change the channel because it was getting too intense.  I don’t even know what will happen in the season finale next week but I might pass out from all the drama.  This is another must see so I am only giving you the highlights!

Emily, Chloe and Brian

We get to see Emily’s lock down process and the person she is able to call for help is Razor.  That’s right the boy is back.  I thought the next thing that would happen is Leo would come out of nowhere and give money for Emily’s bail.  Brian felt that the whole thing was his fault because of the medicine.  Poor Brian, he shouldn’t have to be responsible for picking up the meds.  He has a mother or a Chloe who is supposed to be the adult and be responsible for those things.  I mean Chloe has to take care of her kids till they are 18 right?  Speaking of Chloe, I was wrong she is not a stripper but she is walking a thin line.  Her outfit looked like some kind of VIP hostess for a strip club.  Why did she pick the name Bambi.  I know a girl who picked the name Bambi for a nickname and we changed it immediately!  I have run out of sympathy for Emily.  Damon came to Boulder to profess his love before cutting a record and she couldn’t even be honest with him.  I am so sick of her not speaking up and that is part of the reason why she has so much trouble.  Use your voice Emily!

Kim, Payson, Sasha and Ellen

Kim, Payson and Sasha worked through the crush/ kiss incident only to have everyone find out thanks to Lauren.  Lauren gave Ellen Beals the fuel to try to get rid of Sasha!  What is the next move team Sasha?

Kaylie, Ronnie, Alex and Sasha

Finally someone is concerned about Kaylie that is an adult in her life!  You can tell that her mom, Ronnie is getting suspicious.  Sasha even got involved and came by the house to make her get on a scale.  Alex is being very protective of his daughter but I think he is a bit blinded.  Don’t they know anything, Kaylie had 10 pounds worth of weights hid under her clothes.  The girl is 96 pounds!  That is sick.  By the end of the episode, Ronnie found were Kaylie is hiding her food.  Please do something about this!

Lauren, Steve, Leslie and Summer

Lauren’s mom Leslie pleaded with Steve to let her talk to their daughter.  Steve is a hard man he wouldn’t even give her a chance.  Leslie should have went through the court system to try to see Lauren than trying to reason with him.  My favorite quote of the night:  Leslie- “Regret is a hard bitch to live with.  Trust me I know.”  That was so true because Steve received the news that Leslie died in a car wreck do to no fault of her own.  When it came to telling Lauren about her mother’s death you could see the regret in Steve’s face.  Lauren was not phased at all by her mother’s death.  All this because of Steve keeping the two apart.  I was really disliking Lauren because of her Sasha/Payson picture action but then I realized the girl is crazy and needs mental help.  She had a complete meltdown after Summer told her she was not getting back with her dad.  Summer gave TMI when she told Lauren she was dating Sasha.  This just added more fuel to the flame!


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5 responses »

  1. Sunshine says:

    I kept waiting for Leo too! I am so sick of this Emily story line where she decides to just not say anything and then gets mad because people don’t understand her! Time to woman up Emily!!! Also is just me or was Razor less annoying when we first met him?

  2. sam says:

    did you guys see the trailers??!!? INTENSE HITTT

  3. Joe says:

    Lauren’s storyline is really compelling. We could see on Steve’s face the guilt he harbored for keeping Leslie away from Lauren — and molding Lauren into a cold-hearted witch. She may be pure evil, but I love her (and Cassie Scerbo).

    I’m glad that Sasha returned to the issue of Kaylie’s weight. I thought he gave up too easily when Ms. Beals and Marty dismissed his concerns.

    I am just done with the Emily storylines. I’ve had enough of Martyr Emily, the Too Proud for Her Own Good gal.

    I’m dying to see the finale. Ayla Kell told me it is going to be shocking and amazing!

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