Next week is the two-hour season finale for DDD.  I hope I can make it for two hours.  I wonder if it will be a story that lasts two hours or two episodes played back- to- back?  ( Question Answered:  Two episodes Back to Back).  This episode Jane/ Deb was seeing visions of Jane.  The spirit of Jane is upset that no one realizes she is dead.  This causes Jane/Deb to have Stacy help with some type of memorial.  I am sure we will see this next week.

Jane and Grayson

 The dynamic duo was on the case for a man who has dressed as a clown ever since his wife died.  At first, Jane was surprisingly not understanding and almost rude to Grayson, who was her second chair.  After a talk with Grayson about how he moved on from Deb, Jane was able to talk with their client and have him see that his wife loved the man she married not a clown.  This was a very emotional scene.

Parker and Kim

Represented the producer of a dating reality show (similar to the bachelor).  Their client was being sued by the runner-up in the competition.  This was not an interesting case to me but in the end the contestant and the client made amends.  An interesting subject was brought up as Parker and Kim worked together.  What happens when they break up?  Kim works for Parker and he usually completely cuts out his ex’s from his life.  Parker reassured Kim that he was living in the now and was all about her.  This should have been something she tought about before hooking up with her boss!

Fred and Stacy

These two finally made it on their date!  How long will this last?


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