Kaylie, Emily and Lauren


This episode was a more geared towards the adults on the show.  We did get to see the girls working out and getting ready for the final practice before National Team members are picked for Worlds.  This meant that Kelly Parker is back and she noticed the change in Kaylie with her eating/ over exercising disorder.  Leave it to her biggest competitor to take note and worn Kaylie that she is taking a dangerous path.  

Kelly Parker


Parker even told Beals who ignored her warning.  Marty and Ronnie were reunited at the gym.  Ronnie seemed awkward with talking to him but Marty professed that it wasn’t a fling to him and that he had real feelings.  

What did I learn this episode… Ellen Beals is a crazy tyrant!  During the episode she did the following:  

  • Punished Emily with extra exercises.
  • Punished Emily by having her do the beam (her worst) instead the vault (her best).
  • Give Lauren proof that her dad (Steve) is funding Emily’s scholarship.
  • Kick Sasha out of his own gym.
  • Fire Marty!

The only gratification was before Marty was fired he told Beals to act more like a woman and gave her the business!  It was great.  I hope he isn’t gone forever.  It would be great to see Marty and Sasha as Co-Coaches!  Steve gave Chloe a key to his house and the first time she used it she walked in on Steve with Ellen Beals.  Of course Chloe thinks that Steve is seeing Beals but he convinces her that he was trying to make sure he looked out for “their girls.”   Chloe mentioned this to Summer in the gym.  What does this mean.  Team Sasha, Summer and Kim will fight back!  Sasha and Summer are going to support Kim as the President of parents or whatever the title is.  

As I mentioned earlier, Beals let the cat out of the bag that Steve was Emily’s sponsor.  Emily went off on her mom only to realize that she didn’t know what was going on.  Shocking.  What will Chloe do?  Scenes from next week show Emily back at the Pizza Shack.  As a side note, Payson and Sasha bonded as she struggled with ballet lessons to have more grace.  I like seeing a more vulnerable Payson who is not a stone cold leader.  What did you think of this episode?

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