Another action packed episode for MIOBI!  Sasha gave the girls the day off to relax and we all know what that means… Austin= Lake House Party!!  Of course, captain blood (Kaylie) was highly against it.  Austin was sad that his new BFF Emily would not be in attendance.  I like that

I think you know who these feet belong to.

Emily has a male friend who doesn’t want to be her boyfriend.  Lauren struggled with Carter putting her down so she thought the answer would be flirt it up at the party.  Payson hangs out with Kaylie and notices how much she is exercising before and after practice.

Where are the adults with all this young angst.  Being teenagers themselves.  Sasha and Summer finally go on their date but the fun doesn’t last long because Sasha picked the most popular restaurant that Summer used to frequent with Steve.  This same night is Chloe and Steve’s anniversary and they go to the same restaurant!  In order to keep his relationship with Summer top-secret he calls Kim to the dinner as well to make it seem like a business dinner.  Summer gave Chloe another life lesson about casual sex.  Lauren convinced Summer that Chloe and her dad having sex must mean it is okay for her to have sex.  I really want Chloe to start showing that she is an adult and a good parent but right now she isn’t.

Another Chloe/ Lauren verbal attack!

Where did they get those sunglasses?

The just of the party is all the girls end up there.  Lauren apologizes to Emily but only in front of Carter to get forgiveness, the cops bust the party and the girls jump in the lake.  What season is it in Colorado?  I don’t even know the time of year but the girls looked pretty cold after getting out of the water.  The crew then had a heart to – heart as they walked together.  Are they friends, are they competitors?  Payson gave some good advice to Kaylie about being a leader and not a tyrant and how Sasha shouldn’t have put the teams mistakes on her.  All is well at the end.  I guess Lauren was feeling good and decided to end the day with sex but then Chloe walked into the garage looking for something to fry ice cream in!  What does this mean for the resident villan?  Will she become Chloe’s fast friend?  Will Chloe keep the secret?  Will Steve cut off Lauren?  Oh the intensity!

*Bonus– Brian is alive!  We got to see him this episode!


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  1. Joe says:

    I’m not entirely sure that Austin doesn’t want to be Emily’s boyfriend, but we shall see.

    I’m glad Payson finally noticed how hard Kaylie is driving herself; maybe she will notice the eating disorder next. But really, Sasha should be paying attention to stuff like that!

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