Jane started having dreams about Hank the bailiff and the Thunda from down under!  Stacy suggested that if real Jane liked Hank that she try inviting Hank over for dinner.  Joke on Stacy, Hank brought his girlfriend Jasmine to dinner.  To break up the tension Stacy and Hank start doing lines from Pee Wee Herman while the “adults” drink more wine.  Jasmine got offended and thought Stacy was flirting with Hank.  Of course Stacy spills the beans about Jane dreaming about Hank.  Then that was the end of the dinner party.

Jane’s Case 

Ellie (Shepard) is a hostile designer who wants to stop a book being made by her former assistant.  Jane was very fiery in the courtroom but Elle is a mean, mean woman who needed to be tamed.  Just when Jane was on a role, Ellie decided to drop the case.  After the case was dropped, Ellie promoted a discount line for the everyday woman.  Jane confronted Ellie about using the case to publicize her new line.  It turned out that Ellie hired her because she thought Jane would lose the case. 


Ellie came to Jane to stop the book again because there were things she didn’t want the world to know.  Jane refused unless she told her what it was.  It turned out that Ellie had a degenerative eye disease and her executive assistant picks the fabrics and colors while the concepts and designs are her’s.  She has no idea how her ex- assistant found out.   With Jane’s investigative skills she found that the ex-assistant forged Ellie’s signature to get her medical records. With this information Jane agreed to help to save Ellie’s career.  The judge called for $28 be paid for every private disclosure.  That being said the book was only $27. 

Grayson and Kim’s Case 

www.lifetimetv.comThis team represented a transgendered woman, whose spouse died in a car wreck and did not have a will.  She is fighting with the parents to be able to keep the property they shared.  Grayson had some issues with representing a transgendered female.  Kim chalked it up to him being a silent partner during the case.  Things became more of a challenge when the client did not want her male genetics to be used to win the case and for Kim and Grayson to find another way.  As the team was losing the case, Grayson started to care because of true love.  With a little help from Jane (as always) Grayson was able to save the day.


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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