I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me

I just can’t get enough of this show!  Who would have thought that a show about young female gymnast could have a good storyline and sub stories over two seasons.

Payson- abcfamily.go.com

During this episode the girls had to work on floor routine choreography.  Payson, was supposed to tell a story of a flower.  She basically laughed in Sasha’s face about the routine still not embracing that she has to change her style as a gymnast.  Lauren, who had too much on her mind forgot about working on the routine and called her father to get the lead gymnast choreographer to work with her.  Chloe looked to Steve for advice on how to help Emily and he suggested getting a choreographer for Emily.  Kaylie worked at her attempt to have her parents reconcile and be co-managers for her.

With all of this going on, it was nice to see Summer and Kim become BFF’s and act like 3rd graders.  Summer found ballet tickets while organizing Sasha’s office.  She and Kim assumed that the tickets were for a date that he wanted to ask Summer on.  To their surprise, Sasha was going out on a date.   A date with Payson.  He looked very cute in his suite!  I mean even Payson’s mouth dropped a little.  Sasha introduced Payson to his friend Jayden, who was a very strong modern ballerina.  This changed Payson’s outlook on being a flower and she looked forward to her new style of gymnastics.  Way to go Payson!

Lauren and Carter- abcfamily.go.com

Lauren was out to get Carter to say he loved her.  I am glad he stood his ground with not doing this.  Of course, she told Kaylie that Carter did say he loved her and that they go on romantic dates.  If Lauren has the guy, why can’t she move on?  She is so cruel!  She missed her opportunity to get the top choreographer because she was out with Carter and Emily’s mom was able to hire her.  Of course Emily freaked out when she found out the cost of a private choreographer.  Her worrying blocked her ability to perform the choreography but after a little motivational speach and a slice of pizza with Austin, Emily found the power to overcome her block.

Poor Kaylie!  What is she doing to herself?  Starvation, over exercising, the girl is spiraling out of control and no one sees it.  Her attempt to get her “co-managers” to work together is failing.  The whole episode the Cruz family was at each others throats without being able to compromise.  This caused Kaylie to have a horrible floor routine.

The Cruz Family- abcfamily.go.com

Payson, after her new outlook on her situation decided not to perform her floor routine until she had more practice.  I like her outlook.  I am glad the loom and gloom Payson has moved on.

Lauren, stole Emily’s choreography and performed it to some burlesque music.  Austin told Carter how uncool his girlfriend was for it.  Carter gave Lauren the business when he said he has seen her best and her worst.  That is why he can’t say he loves her.  Her bad side is scary!  What are you going to do next Lauren? 

Emily freaked out when Lauren did her choreography but Austin came in again to motivate.  I thought he would go for Kaylie but I like him with Emily.  Maybe he will date both to keep up his bad boy persona!  Anyway, Emily went out and rocked the choreography.  She got a standing ovation!  Well, until the drama next week, what where your thoughts?


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  1. Joe says:

    My favorite storyline right now is the Payson/Sasha thread. I’m really invested in her comeback. I was a little confused about Summer being all high-school about whether Sasha was going to ask her out. I thought they had already established some kind of relationship. Did I miss something? (I know I missed a couple of episodes)

    Lauren’s evil continues to plumb the depths; Cassie Scerbo is so good a being bad. I can’t wait to see what evil plan she’s going to hatch next — only to have it blow up in her face.

    If you’re so inclined, my own take on the episode is here: http://wp.me/pFs3T-Ja

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