And the Rocky Goes To…

Another good episode for this show!  Emily received twice the amount needed for her scholarship.  Her mom was able to fill the refrigerator with food and bought Emily a $300 custom-made leotard.  The club was getting ready for the Rocky Awards and Sasha and Summer had another deep conversation about Sasha not believing in God or marriage but he does believe in hypocrites.

Lauren really wanted the congeniality award and she would bribe anyone to get it.  Payson continued to struggle with reinvention.  Sasha told her that he wanted to build from the ground up.  What does that mea?  Payson is at skill level 1 with younger gymnast.  Payson has to learn, “it’s not about height, it’s about lines.”

Kaylie struggled with finding out that her parents are getting a divorce.  It looks like she is over exercising and not taking in enough calories.  Looks like trouble.  Where is Leo!  Kaylie was however able to convince her parents to wait 6-months before filing their divorce papers.

Rocky Award Winners:

  • Payson won the Payson Keeler Award for championship spirit
  • Becca won Most Improved Junior
  • Kaylie won Gymnast of the Year
  • Lauren won Congeniality.  I am not sure about this because Steve took the ballots to the office.  We don’t see it but I think he changed some votes!

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