Battle of the Flexes

This was an excellent episode and I like where the show is heading. 

promise rings for Kaylie, Payson and Emily

Lauren tried to align herself with Emily as “the girls with boyfriends.”  Emily’s response,  “I don’t have a boyfriend.”  Kaylie came up with an idea of promise rings for the girls, except for Lauren because “she has a boyfriend.”  Poor Lauren this episode I didn’t feel sorry for her.  She is learing the tough lesson about burning bridges with your friends.  Even Carter has friends to hang out with outside of his relationship with Lauren.

Austin Tucker, who is played by Zane Holtz, rocks the gym as he made an entrance that sent the ladies of The Rock in a tailspin.  He started to move male gymnast equipment into the gym and Kaylie was not having it.  The causes a battle of the flexes/ sexes.  The guys picked which girl would do a male routine and the girls did the same for the guys.  This was an entertaining battle because not only did they have to do the apparatus chosen for them they took on the approach and movements of the opposite sex as well.  In the end the males win by a small margin.  To keep things happy at the gym and to turn on a good light, Austin did not make drastic changes to the gym.  When he told Kaylie this he then is picked up by a random girl in a punch bug.  I love this guy!

Lauren was up to her old tricks and kicked them into high gear as her grandmother was coming to town.  She ousted her father about his relationship with Chloe and tried to convince her grandmother that she was a gold digger.  Mrs. Tanner then wants Chloe and Emily to come to dinner so Steve invites them but only because he hoped she wouldn’t come.  Emily was not happy about the invitation but her mother Jackie O’d herself up and made a great impression on Mrs. Tanner.  Lauren felt defeated somewhat but tried to put those last pins in her Chloe doll when her grandmother came to talk to her after dinner.  Mrs. Tanner did what I have been waiting on.  She gave Lauren the truth and told her she was the only one at the table with no class and how disappointed she was in Lauren.  Finally!

Chloe finally stood up for herself against Steve the next day at the gym.  She broke it off because he was “too embarrassed” of her.  She was great and had the best lines ever.  She was definitely “the realist person” last night.  Steve didn’t know what to do except take her into the gym and announced that they were together and then they kissed.  This of course, lead into what is going to happen with Sasha and Summer.  I hope nothing but if he needs a romance on the show Summer will be okay.  Maybe they can get together and then an old flame from the past can come in and cause drama!  What do you think?

The Payson Situation

I wonder if Payson will struggle this whole season or if she will have a breakthrough.  After failing to get on the national team, Payson tried to convince her mother that she was sick and unable to go practice at the gym.  Then something interesting happened.  Payson’s sister Becca returned to the show and brought a lot of insight to their mother.  Kim was excellent in this episode as a mother torn between helping her daughter and holding her back.  The chemistry that Kim and Payson was excellent.  I forgot I was watching ABC Family television!  Kim even asked the hard question to Sasha about Payson being able to get back to the level she was at.  This turned into Sasha paying Payson a visit and telling her that they would have to change the style of gymnast that she is.  Of course this didn’t go over well.  In the end, Payson swallowed her pride and is ready to fight for her dream.


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  1. anne says:

    this ep was the bomb. why can kylie(josie loren) and austin tucker(Zane Holtz) kiss? every keep asking. why is she being so mean to him? another ?a girl ve to play hard to get if the boy is a player

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