This episode was not that intense this week but still packed some punch. 

Jane’s Case

Jane dealt with her mother who was arrested and facing some time in jail.  We got to learn more about Jane’s father and we finally get to meet her MIA father.  Everything ends well when Elaine decides to take medication to keep her “forgetfulness” under control.  Jane’s parents reconcile. We also get to see Judge Madeline Stone as Rosie O’Donnell reprises her character to oversee Elaine’s court hearings.

Grayson’s Case

Grayson dealt with a woman whose investment money was stolen.  This hit close to home for Grayson.  We learned that the man he considers his father is actually his step father.  Grayson’s biological father lost everything due to investment fraud and that also caused him to lose his family.  I hope that Grayson got some closure while working this case.

Parker, Kim and Fred

Fred witnesses more evidence of Kim and Parker’s office romance.  During this episode Kim requires more of Fred that driving his own car would help with.  Fred informs her that he does not know how to drive.  Introduction to laughs.  I think Kim is becoming less of a robot.  What do you think of this episode?


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