Elizabeth’s Review

That’s right I put Avatar in front of it because that is how I know the story!  This is a story about a young boy who was afraid of taking on the responsibilities of being the Avatar and keeping balance in the world.  While he was “gone” The Fire nation (there are four nations fire, earth, wind and water.  I know, I know don’t start singing Captain Planet) decided to take over the world! 

Aang (pronounced Ah-ng for some crazy reason) and his friends Katara and her brother Sokka try to help villages as they move towards the Northern Water Tribe to find a Water Bending master for Aang.  They do this while being chased by Prince Zuko, who needs the avatar to get his honor back and by Commander Zhao, as he has a quest for power!

Some of the scenes look just like the cartoon but it can be a challenge to put a whole season into a movie.  I went in knowing that the cartoon had a lot of side story that may be left out but the editing and dialogue was a bit out of hand on this one.  As a fan of the cartoon there was some major issues with the film but I still liked it.  Let me start off with my likes because there was not many.

  • Sokka, because Jackson was looking good.
  • The Blue Spirit sequence
  • The “dance moves” /preparation for bending the elements.
  • Flashbacks to Aang’s air temple days.
  • Noah Ringer wasn’t bad for no acting experience.  Although the level of acting was not high in this film.
  • Uncle Iroh was not how I visually expected him to look (older and rounder) but I liked him just like I did in the cartoon.
  • The ending with Azula getting her orders from her father/ the Fire Lord.
  • I am not sure that this is a like or a dislike but more of an observation.  Commander Zhao made me laugh because all I could think about is the funny characters that he plays in other movies/ shows.

Okay now to the dislikes:

  • Fighting sequences were lacking
  • Script/ dialogue was poor
  • Sokka and Katara were made to look inept.  Sokka knew how to be a warrior and take care of his sister and Katara knew more water bending than what was depicted.
  • Zuko’s burn.  In the cartoon his ear is almost gone and he can barely open his left eye.  Looking at Dev Patel you would never know he was burned.
  • Appa!  He looked like the dog/dragon from The Never Ending Story!  What’s up with that?
  • In the cartoon we don’t really see the Fire Lord until the end.  Although I love Cliff Curtis and he is hot, he had way too much involvement and screen time in the movie.
  • M. Night Shyamalan.  Stop taking liberties.  The story was there how hard is it to recreate in live action?!

If you loved the cartoon, you will hate the movie but I still want the other two books to made into a live action film version.  Here are my recommendations: We can re-make the first book, get a stronger team for the second book.  Anyone remember the drastic change from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse?  Go see this as a matinée or at the dollar movies.  I give the movie two out of five Appas!


Sunshine’s Review:

Lets just open with saying I hated this movie!  Liz kindly gave it 2 out of 5 Apa’s….I give it zero out of 5.  DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!  There is no way to effeiciently express how much i hated this movie so here are the 10 things I hate about The Last Airbender:

  1. Proununcation of avatar and aang (in the movie they say AHVATAH and ONG).  M. Night claims he was trying to bring out the proper asian pronunciation…great, expcept you didn’t bother to get asian actors.  My personal theory is that the actors didn’t know how to say them and he didn’t correct them!
  2. Katara being presented as some inept, stupid little girl and her brother Sokka (or SOHKA as M. Night changed it!) as an bumbling idiot who isn’t capable of doing anything. 
  3. The editing was horrendous.  I get that you are compressing essentially 4 hours of cartoon into two hours of movie, but it could have been done smoothly.  It definately didn’t help to have Katara voice over essential parts of the plot!
  4. The firebenders having to be near fire to bend!  They pull their power from the sun….they don’t need f-ing fire pits to get fire from!
  5. I hated all the movement it took to bend something, geez it was 5 minutes of waving arm before anything moved.
  6. Aang rescuing the earth benders!  In the cartoon they are held in a metal prison–so they can’t bend.  Here they are kept where they can easily access earth, and M. Night presents it like they are too stupid to bend it and defend themselves until Aang shows up and tells them to bend!
  7. Uncle Iro. He is supposed to fat and jolly and a positive influence on Zuko.  In the movie he 1) has a british accent, brilliant move M. Night, and 2) seems to be as angry as Zuko.
  8. Aasif Mandvi—don’t get me wrong I love him on the Daily Show but that was all I could think of.  As soon as he appeared on screen I laughed because he just does not convey bad ass.
  9. MoMo—glad he appeared in the movie, but it was such a waste.  He did nothing and if you were not paying close attention you would have no idea he was MoMo.
  10. The final battle.  Aang scared everyone off with a giant wave that he just raised up and then lowered into the ocean.  So lame—he needed to become the giant koi fish and crush some ships.

M. Night took a classic cartoon that was beautifully written and ruined it with this piece of crap movie.  I hope that the other books are not made into live action movies.  I could not stand to see them ruined too!


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

3 responses »

  1. DaMaster says:

    I heard there is no suki!!

    • Sunshine says:

      I honestly don’t remember if Suki is there or not….i’m thinking no, but I have also tried to block out the very painful memory that was The Last Airbender 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Suki was not in it. They had a whole scene with the warriors and decided to take it out.

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