To my surprise this movie was good.  It wasn’t bad it, it wasn’t great but it was well worth seeing.  The movie is follows Dastan, the adopted son of King Sharaman.  It is very interesting that he was adopted considering the king had two sons already, Tus and Bis.  I am not familiar with the video game but one of my pro-gamer friends said the film is not like the video game.  That being said, I still liked it.  We have the king’s treacherous brother Nizam who wants to turn back time and let his brother be killed so that he can be king.  Of course there is a princess, Tamina, and she really packed some attitude.  I only had a few issues with this film.  The fact that when the sands of time  reversed that we didn’t get to see all of the action in the movie play back in reverse!  Dastan’s brother Bis was useless and Jake Gyllenhall’s accent.  I don’t know what a Persian accent sounds like but I am 100% his was wrong.  He should have used his normal accent. 

Prince of Persia could have been called, “Aladdin Prince of Thieves 2: Persian Reboot!  Instead of a Genie there was a dagger and instead of a carpet they had ostriches!  I give this film 3 out of 5 Sands of Time Daggers! 



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