Last night was everything we have been waiting for.  The face off at Regionals with Vocal Adrenaline, confessions of love, and the birth of a baby.  But before we get to that, here is what we heard last night on Glee:

I’m not going to lie, I loved last nights finale, and got just a little misty eyed during some of the songs.  But lets start at the beginning.  We open with the Glee kids gathered at Will’s house for the first annual regional set list party.  Unfortunately, the kids are down because Sue is going to be a judge.  They are feeling sorry for themselves and just want to reminisce.  The next day Finn confronts Rachel and tells her she has to step up and help him lead.  Rachel kisses Finn and seems to be ready to lead.  They go to Will to tell him there plan, but Will already has one, a Journey medley for Regionals.

The performance was AMAZING!  These kids can kill some Journey.  Make sure you go to and watch the full episode because it is fun to hear but ten times better to watch.   Before they perform Finn tells Rachel he loves her!  Sweet, but of course, Regionals does not go the way we want and they end up finishing dead last.  But not all is lost, Quinn goes into labor, Puck finally realizes his responsibility, we get to see Vocal Adrenaline do Bohmeian Rhapsody, and it all ends with the Vocal Adrenaline coach adopting Quinn’s baby (Beth).

Since they lost regionals that means Glee Club  is over.  The group gets together to thank Will with a rendition of To Sir, With Love.  This is when I got misty eyed first.  It was beautiful and it was hard to see Matthew Morrison cry!  Then it turns out, Sue is not a cold hearted bitch!  She voted for New Directions and has convinced Figgins to extend Glee Club one more year. 

This lead to one of what I feel is Matt Morrison’s best performances, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It was beautiful, and the harmonizing with Puck was amazing.  It was moving and so appropriate. 

Great season, it had its ups and downs but overall was one of the best things on TV this year.  Make sure you tune in Thursdays this summer as Fox will be showing the whole season again, so if you missed something now is your chance to catch up.


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