A fun episode of Glee that moves us one step closer to next weeks finale and Glee’s ultimate face off with Vocal Adrenaline.  So, here is what we got to hear last night:

Jesse St. James is back with Vocal Adrenaline and they throw down the gauntlet by coming into the New Directions auditorium and performing Another One Bites the Dust and tee-peeing their choir room.  Puck and Finn respond by slashing the tires on all of their Range Rovers.  In order to pay for the damage they caused Puck and Finn go to work with Will’s ex-wife Terry at Linen’s and Things.  I will say I am still not a fan of Terry but she was slightly less annoying last night.  While working with Terry we get to see what I think is one of Puck and Finn’s best performances, Loser.  It was fun, a darn it if that song doesn’t just get stuck in my head!

Will is trying to bring his Glee Club out of their funk by doing some funk.  He even gets in on it himself and decides the only way to beat Sue Sylvester and get out of his funk is to play her game.  He seduces her, breaks her heart, but then feels bad about it and apologizes.  Sue takes advantage of that weakeness and places her newest trophy in his choir room to remind him what a loser he is.  During Will’s funk he learns Vocal Adrenalines one weakness—they can’t do funk because they lack the soul and anger for it.

Vocal Adrenaline attacks Rachel and eggs her.  The boys are ready for a beat down, but Will stops them and issues a challenge to Vocal Adrenaline.  They show up at the school and New Directions hits them with some funk.  It was a little cheesy but it was nice to see Puck all riled up and ready to beat someone.  It was a fun episode but I can’t wait to see how things go next week!


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