I have been slack the last couple weeks on my TV posts so let me hit a few shows that I missed:

Chuck Season Finale: For the season finale of Chuck we got two epsisodes back to back and they were great.  Chuck’s dad bit the dust when Shaw came back from the dead.  Shaw infiltrated the CIA and took it over from the inside.  Chuck realized that Shaw was an intersect but no one believed him because of that whole potential crazy thing.  Chuck’s locked up, Sarah’s lost without him, and Casey has to protect his daughter leaving Shaw to do as he pleases.  Shaw killed Chuck’s dad during a confrontation and takes Casey, Sarah, and Chuck off to be killed.  Luckily, Ellie is finally in the loop so she, Awesome, and Morgan save the day.  Shaw comes back to blow up the buy more, takes Sarah hostage (again), and Chuck has trouble fighting him due to the intersect being on the fritz.  Then we find out Chuck has probably been an intersect as a child and that seems to reb0ot him.  He takes out Shaw, but refuses to kill him.  The bombs are being taken out of the store, when Morgan finds the detonator and of course drops it.  The store goes up in flames, and Jeffster is the prime suspect.  Great episode, and this great Jeffster music video.

Glee: GaGalicious: This was a very, very good episode of Glee.  Everything worked, the music was great and the acting was superb. I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, Mike O’Malley is nailing this dramactic stuff.  His confrontation with Finn after he says “fag” was amazing.  It was so clear that he loved his son and would let no one insult him.  And the show wrapped up nicely with giant Finn in his GaGa costume defending Kurt.  Beautiful 🙂 The music we heard on this episode:

10 Things I Hate About You: Series Finale: Of course one of the best new shows this year gets cancelled.  And to add insult to injury, they obviously didn’t have time to end the show properly.  This definately ended more as a season finale than a series finale as there were loose ends everywhere.  After a disasterous run for student body president turns everyone against Kat, Patrick shows up to support her despite the break up.  They make up, and end up sleeping together.  Of course Kat’s dad walks in on them, but we don’t know what happens next because that was where it ended.  Things don’t go much better for Bianca.  Joey is off being the next top model and while she is watching an espisode she sees him kiss another girl—and then its over, so no closure there.  And of course Chastity, our resident mean girl, gets kicked off the cheerleading squad and then transfers to another school.  Not a very satisfying ending, but i guess we take what we can get.


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