Elizabeth’s ReCap

 I am so nervous guys!  Here we go…

The First Hour

 The opening scenes was packages(Christian Shepard’s body) from LAX getting on an Oceanic plane, Jack looking at an x-ray then Jack on the island.    We then saw school Ben and island Ben with Smoke Locke.  Locke getting ready for surgery.  James getting ready for work, then Sawyer on the island with Kate.    Oceanic dropped off the body and Desmond signed for the body.  I think there should have been some identification shown but what the heck.

Everyone was getting to the concert.  Daniel and Charlotte meet backstage as Charlotte got Charlie up for the performance.  How random is it that they Claire sat at the table with Desmond and Kate.  Kate recognized Claire but Claire seemed confused.  At the concert started Charlie saw Claire in the crowd.  This was another beautiful moment.  While I basked in this her water broke!

Parallel Universe

Kate wants Desmond to tell her why she is there, who he is and what he wants.  He replies he is a friend.  Desmond then said, “as for what I want.  I want to leave.” 

Miles spotted Sayid and Hurley at his father’s concert benefit.  He tried to explain what he saw to James but he was blown off.

We then see Jin and Sun in the hospital when Juliet walks in to check on the baby.  It was good to see these three characters.  As Juliet does an ultrasound, Sun began to have flashbacks of the island.  She remembered!  Seeing the baby on the ultrasound woke Jin up to his island memories.  When Juliet asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby, Sun replied it’s a girl and Jin said what her name was in perfect English.  This was a very powerful scene for me. 

Jack and Locke prepped for the surgery and Locke asked about his father’s remains.  Jack replied that they were found.  Locke said he hoped it would bring him peace.  Jack replied if I can fix your back that will bring him peace.

Sayid wanted to know what they were doing.  Hurley said he was not allowed to say and for Sayid to trust him because he trusts Sayid.  Hurley told him that he knows that he is a good person and that he knows a lot about him.  They then see a bar fight and when the woman comes out for her brother Sayid ran out to help her.  Sayid got his memories of the island back when he saw who the woman was.  That’s right!  Boone and Shannon.  I love Boone!

The Island

Kate on the island watched Jack as he stood in the water then Sawyer came to check on him.  Jack went back to the campfire and told the group about the heart of the island.  Hurley said Jacob was worse than Yoda when Sawyer said it sounds like Jacob didn’t say much about anything.  Sawyer volunteered to find Desmond and as he walked away Hurley stated he had a bad feeling about this.  Me too!

Jack and Kate had a conversation about why he took the job.  Jack felt it was the only thing he has left in his life.  Hurley said the greatest thing, ” this would all be sweet if we weren’t about to die.”  Sawyer went on his mission only to be caught by Ben and SL.  Sawyer informed SL that they were not candidates anymore as he elbowed Ben and took his gun and walked away.  SL then informed Ben about the island being on the bottom of the ocean and offered him a seat on his boat.  SL then talked about a dog being around.

We then saw Desmond waking up with our favorite couple Rose, Bernard and Vincent.  SL found the camp thanks to Vincent’s tracks.  Rose told Desmond he didn’t have to go with SL as SL held a knife up to him.  As he and SL march Desmond through the woods the Miles started trying to contact Ben on the walkie.  Miles found Richard and Richard was ready to finish what they started which wa to blow up the plane.

Sawyer caught up with the group and told them SL’s plane to destroy the island.  Jack said, “It doesn’t matter if we find Desmond we are all going to end up at the same place anyway.”

Miles pulled out a grey hair from Richard’s hair and this made Richard think that he wants to live.  They then came across some wreckage in the water and found Frank alive and kicking.  They told Frank about their plan.  Frank suggested that they use the plane to get off the island so SL can’t use it.

We then see a showdown stance with both Jack’s crew and SL’s crew meeting at a meadow.  Of course, Kate lost it and started wasting bullets.  SL then approached Jack who is the chosen one.  Jack said he wanted to go with him.  Jack told SL that he thinks he is going to destroy the island but that he is going to kill him.  SL asked how and Jack replied, “it’s a surprise.”  SL responded, ” let’s get to it then.”  So much tension built that I was about to fall over!

 SL informed everyone that it would just be him, Jack and Desmond from there on.  Hurley ran to Jack and told him that he believed in him before they went on their journey to the heart of the island.

Once they were past the bamboo forest they found.  Desmond is convinced that when he goes into the light he will be reunited with the one’s he loved and that Jack will be in this place.  The plane never crashed and Jack seemed happy.  Desmond said, “maybe I can bring you back one day.”  Jack told him there are no resets and that all of this matters.  The visuals of the water and the light were excellent. 

Miles finally got in touch with Ben when they saw Claire walk up with a gun and open fire at the sand.  Richard tried to talk to Claire about going with them to go home but she refused and walked away.  Back to the three amigos, Desmond was lured down to go towards the brightest part of the light.  SL asked if this reminded him of anything.  You know, Desmond being led down a whole.  Jack replied, ” You disrespect his memory by wearing his face.”  SL and his mind games and Jack with his smack talk was very interesting.

The Second Hour

Parallel Universe

Kate went to help Claire because she knew she was going into labor.  Of course Charlie came to lend a hand.  Daniel’s mother, Eloise, asked why and what would then happen.  Desmond responded that they were going to leave.  She then looked concerned about Daniel leaving but Desmond said he wasn’t leaving with him.  Back to Claire, as she gave her final push she remembered and was awoken to her and Kate’s island memories.  Charlie cam back with a blanket and began to get his memories back as Claire remembered him and said, “Charlie.”  He responded, “Claire.”  Another beautiful moment.  Desmond asked Kate if she understood and her response was now what?

At the hospital Locke is recovering but Jack’s neck is bleeding.  He was going to try to meet with his son David but Locke was starting to wake up.  His first words was, “it worked”  he could feel his legs and move them.  This woke Locke up to his memories of the island.  He asked if Jack didn’t remember and Jack saw a few flashes but shook it off.  He said he needed to go see his son.  Locke told him he didn’t have a son.  Before Jack left Locke said, ” Jack, I hope someone does for you what you did for me.”

James went to the hospital to try to keep Jin and Sun safe.  Sun replied that they did not need protection.  As they left the hospital they told him they would see him there.  James responded, “see me where?”

James ran into Jack at the hospital and asked where a vending machine was.  Jack told him and he said, “thanks doc!”  Jame’s candy got stuck in the vending machine when Juliet walked up to him and asked if she could help.  She gave him a tip on how to get his candy by unplugging the machine.  All of the lights in the all went out and she handed him his candy and they both had a flash of their island past.  They immediately plan to get together for coffee.  YES, they remembered each other and then began to make out.

Jack made it to the concert late but ran into Kate.  He knows that he remembers her.  Kate then touched Jack’s face and a flash of the memories and the I love you scene flashed.  Kate told him to come with her and he would understand.

 The Island

Desmond found the light source which amazingly had a set up like someone put it there.  Who?  Desmond stepped into the pond and began to scream in pain as he got closer to a stone and pulled it out.  The stone had etchings on it, I wonder who put that there.  The light flickered and then went out.  All of the sudden the atmosphere turned red and smoke came out were there used to be water.  SL told Jack he was wrong and then a huge earthquake occurred.  As SL left Jack jumped out and punched SL and this made him bleed.  Jack said, “looks like you were wrong to.”  SL took a rock and smacked Jack upside the head and ran into the woods.  As the earth shook Jack went to call for Desmond but got no answer.  Ben was pinned underneath a fallen tree and the others tried to help him.  Kate asked what was happening and Sawyer said, “Locke was right the whole island is going down.”  Miles got in touch with Kate through the walkie-talkie and told her about their plan and how Claire refused to come with them.  He told the crew to get there because they leave in an hour.  Ben said he knew how to get there because SL had a boat.

We see SL with a grin and then Jack called him out on the rocks.  That right they went at it gladiator style!  Awesome!  Of course, SL played dirty and pulled out his knife.  He told Jack, ” I want you to know that you died for nothing.”  Then something amazing happened, Kate shot SL and said, ” I saved you a bullet.”  SL said they were too late and Jack kicked him off the side of the cliff.

In typical LOST fashion, Sawyer and the gang found Kate and Jack.  The plane crew were trying to get the plane going and Miles was held dome duck tape to make sure everything was in place.  The island is sporadically shaking apart.  Jack said whatever Desmond turned off he had to turn back on and they needed to get to the plane.  Kate then went back to being annoying trying to convince Jack that he didn’t have to do it.  Jack and Sawyer shook hands and Ben decided to stay back to go down with the island.  Hurley decided to stay because he wasn’t going down the cliff.  Jack told Kate to go and get Claire on the plane.  Kate wanted to believe she would see Jack again but he couldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear.  They kissed, wasting precious time!  They told each other that they loved each other as the groups broke apart.  Instead of making the climb Kate and Sawyer jump and swim to the boat to find the plane crew.

Jack told Hurley he was going alone.  Hurley finally came to the realization that Jack was going to die.  This is when I cry my eyes out.  Hurley said he wouldn’t let Jack die and that the island needs him.  Hurley is going to be a protector.  Jack was only supposed to be chosen to protect the light and do this act.  Hurley was supposed to protect the island.  Jack told Hurley he believed in him.  Hurley accepted but only until Jack returned.  Jack then performed the ceremony that Jacob did with the water and a water bottle. minus the words.  YES!!  Sunshine and I was right about Hurley being the chosen one!!

The plan crew got the propellers going while Jack was being guided down the cave.  Jack found Desmond who was distraught from not leaving the island once he put the light out.  Jack put Desmond on the rope so he could return to his wife and son and told him, ” I will see you in another life brother.”  Kate and Sawyer found Claire watching the island go into the water.  Sawyer saw the plane pulling out.  The sense of urgency is upon them.  Claire admitted to the island making her crazy and not wanting Aaron to see her like that.  Kate convinced her to let her help Claire.  The three of them ran to the plane but Miles didn’t hear the walkie.  Frank finally saw them as they were about to pull off.  They made it!

Jack struggled to put the stone back but was able to do it.  Nothing changed. 

Final Minutes

Frank put the plan into gear as the island cracked beneath it.  WooHoo the plane made it into the air and Frank said,”Amen.” 

Locke went to a church to find Ben sitting outside.  Ben apologized for everything he did.  Ben admitted to wanting everything Locke had.  Locke was special not Ben.  Locke forgave him.  Ben said it mattered more than he could say.  He then chose to work some things out and stay.  He then told Locke he didn’t need to be in the chair so Locke got up, told Ben goodbye and walked into the church.

Back to Jack, the water started to flow again and the light returned!  It worked! It worked!  Ben and Hurley pulled on the rope not knowing it was Desmond and not Jack.  Jack layed in the water as the light took over the space laughing.  Hurley cried out his name!

Hurley came out and told Ben, “we are all inside.”  He told Ben he was a real good number two and Ben said he was a great number one.  Jack and Kate pulled up to the church, which is where he was going to have his father’s funeral.  Everyone is waiting for his father’s funeral and it would begin once Jack was ready to leave.

Ben tended to Desmond as Hurley looked at the opening of the cave in shock that Jack was gone.  I cried again.  Ben tried to comfort him by saying he did his job.  Hurley said, “it was my job.  what am I supposed to do.”  Ben told him he helped people and he could help Desmond get home.  Hurley said no one could get off the island but Ben told him that was how Jacob ran the island.  Hurley then asked for Ben to help him for a while because he had experience.  Ben accepted with honor.

Jack went into the church through the back as instructed and saw his father’s coffin.  Once he touched the coffin more memories rushed through him about the island and everyone on it.  He opened the coffin to find his father was not in it.  His father was behind him, alive.  Jack didn’t understand how he could be dead but be there. 

Jack and Christian’s Conversation:

  • Christian asked how Jack was there.  Jack replied, “I died too” and began to cry. WHAT!!  The father and son professed their love for each other and Jack asked if he was real. 
  • Christian said he was real everything and everyone was and is real.  Everyone dies.  Some before and some after Jack but no one died alone.
  •  Christian said there is no now here when Jack asked about the time/ place they where in.
  • Jack then asked where they were.  It was a place they made together to find each other.  The most important time of Jack’s life was with the group.  They needed each other to remember and let go. 
  • Kate said they were leaving but they were moving on.  Christian then told Jack let’s go find out where we are going. 

We then saw Jack washed up ons some rocks near a waterfall. 

They walked into the church sanctuary and everyone was there!  I cried again!

A flash of Jack walking through the woods and the bamboo until he fell down.  Vincent came out of nowhere and ran to him and layed next to him as he took his final breaths and watched the plane leave the island.

Jack hugged all of his friends that are now together.  Everyone sat down and Christian opened the door and a light came into the church.  Everything faded to white.

I am speechless and don’t know what to think right now.  I will be back with my thoughts later.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts

It was a long ride guys but we made it!  I can’t believe it is over but whoo what a ride.  I loved the happy ending because I enjoy those sort of things after a long emotional beating.  I was not counting on almost everyone being dead and the parallel universe being the waiting room.  Sorry to those of you who thought the island was purgatory because it wasn’t.  I am glad we know where everyone is:

  • On the island as a murmur ghost
  • Going on to the next adventure with Jack
  • Living life amongst us.

 There will always be those loose ends but I am pleased.  I did stay up for Jimmy Kimmel and let me tell you it was like hanging out with a classmate.  I love Kimmel.  I had high hopes for the hour Aloha special and all I got was comic relief.  Af first I was mad about not getting more information about the story but then I needed to laugh after the emotional 2 1/2 hour drain I just went through.  It was great to see some of the actors and the skits and commercials where hilarious.  I loved the Bob Newhart ending and Snakes on a Plane Electric Bugaloo with Josh Hollaway.  LOST can never be replaced in my book.  Come on syndication play it in order at a time when I watch tv!

 Sunshine’s NOT So Quick Thoughts:

Let me just open this by saying when Lost ended last night I did not know how to feel.  But as I processed I felt happy and I felt like everything I needed to happen did happen last night. It was a heart warming, tear-jerking finale, and that is exactly what I would expect when I have committed so much of my time and mind to this show.  

I was close with my theory about this being everyone’s reward after the island.  I didn’t guess they were dead, but I did figure alt-world was after the island ended.  It seemed fitting that the Island world was the real part of this series.  I’m glad they were not living in hell or limbo this entire time.  That would have broken my heart, but this was a nice way to wrap things up.

So, my interpretation of this ending goes like this:  The people who were in alt-world that gathered at the church all passed their life test and therefore earned passage to the next world (heaven or nirvana whatever you prefer). The people who did not go, Ben, Anna Lucia, Michael, Daniel etc.  didn’t pass their test.   They made poor choices, in some cases ended lives needlessly. They have to work through what they did before they can move forward.  That is why Ben stayed, he knew that even though he had some redemption in helping Hurley lead the island he still had not made up for all of his evil.  I know some of you will say then why did Sayid move on—Sayid moved on because he never killed for spite he killed as a means to an end. 

I was glad Hurley got to be the new Jacob (yay for me again).  That was fitting, he had all the characteristics that Jacob truly needed, especially that ability to be objective and let people leave the island and not use them as his pawns.  It was heartbreaking to see him cry when Jack went into the cave.  It was the first time in Lost that I have had the urge to cry, and that is saying something for someone who does not get moved by television.

I don’t normally like the ending where everyone ends up happy, with the people they are supposed to be with, but it worked here for me.  I would not have wanted it to end any other way, even with Kate ending up with Jack.

The only part that still confuses me, and I hope someone can answer this for me, why was Desmond necessary?  If they set up this world so they could meet, would they not have met anyway in the natural order of things?  Was Desmond necessary to wake them up, or was it just a coincidence that he was alerted to the existence of the alt-world when he was put in the electromagnetic field?  It just seems like a loose thread to me, and I know that is inevitable of a show this big, but it was made a big deal that he wake people up. 

Overall, I’m happy.  I feel like what I wanted to know got answered, and the things that didn’t get answered didn’t really matter to me.  This will be an ending that is split down the middle.  There will be people who are mad they didn’t learn more about the infertility on the island, or how leaders were chosen before, or what happened to the Smoke monster when he died.  But that is all mythology to me, and in a character driven show its only fitting that we end on the characters.  Goodbye Lost, it will be sad to not have you, but I will enjoy my newly free Tuesday nights!  I’ll be back later on today (maybe even tomorrow) with some thoughts on Jimmy Kimmels after show, which was hilarious and you should watch if you haven’t yet.


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  1. Tom McGuire says:

    Here’s the deal. I believe that the following song by the Gorillaz heavily influenced the writers of the TV series LOST. While I was a fan of LOST, the series is over and the memory of it does not occupy my thoughts. But this song triggered my memory of the series and this is how it all went down. The narrative appears to allude to the entire LOST TV series. After digging around the web, turning up dead-ends everywhere, and pining over the lyrics I believe it holds the true source, whether it be by accidental influence or on purpose, for some of the major plot elements from the TV series LOST. Here’s a link to quotes and my explanation of the lyrics. http://www.pinwire.com/video/lost-plot-elements-uncovered

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