I’m not going to recap the whole case in this episode, because lets face it, that is low down on list of priorities when you know how this episode ends.

Last week Bones told Booth she was thinking it was time for a change.  Booth blew it off as just being overwhelmed by the Gold Digger trial.  Turns out, time has come for both of them to move on.  Remains are found in Inodonesia that came from early man.  Bones wants desperately to get there for the dig, but that would mean leaving for a year.  Booth doesn’t think she will go, but he gets an offer of his own.  To go to Afghanistan and teach about tracking and being a sniper—for one year.  He says he isn’t going, but Bones know he wants to because he wants to be the hero.

After Daisy gets picked to go to Indonesia, we all know Bones is going to go, she can’t have her intern getting ahead of her.  So, when she tells Booth he is going, he tells her is also going to Afghanistan.  Its a sweet moment where they both know things will be changing soon.  Turns out they are not the only ones looking for change.  Hodgins and Angela decide to go to Paris for a year. 

So with everyone at the airport to see Bones off we know this is going to happen.  The Jeffersonian is splitting apart for one whole year.  Booth isn’t there, but then we see him at the end of the airport in his army uniform.  He comes to Bones, he tells her she has to be careful and come home safe, she tells him to not be the hero that he is and stay out of danger.  We get close to a kiss, but they end up just holding hands and agreeing to meet one year from today at the reflecting pool by the coffee cart.

So, what do you all think, next season premiere will be one year later, and the show runner has promised big changes.  Do you want us to come back in a year and find Booth and Bones ready to commit?  Or do you want them to go back to like they were before Bones admitted he loved her?


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