So, I checked out The Good Guys last night (technically this morning on the TIVO, but whose checking).  I watched mainly because I think that  Colin Hanks is adorable and because honestly a good 80’s style mustache just can’t lose.

I would love to say that The Good Guys was worth my time, but really it wasn’t.  This was not the actual premiere, that is on June 7th, and maybe as we progress it will get better.  The premise sounds fun, current day cops, one straightlaced and full of academy knowledge; the other a throwback 80’s cop who likes a good shoot out and drinks on the job.  The show however, just does not deliver.

It is way too sterotypical, it crossed over from mocking 80’s cop shows, to a show that desperately wants to be an 80’s cop show.  Every cop show cliche was here for the taking, the car chase, the horny women, and the lecture from your lieutenant when its all over telling you how you just caused a million dollars worth of damage.  It could be funny, its just not.  Something is missing that I can’t seem to identify.  Hopefully the show runners will.  I’ll catch a few more episodes before I make a final call, mainly because it will be on this summer when nothing else is, and partially because Colin Hanks still makes me smile.


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