Elizabeth’s ReCap

Parallel Universe

Jack and his son had breakfast and talked about his mother coming to the concert. We then see a pregnant Claire join them for cereal.  Jack’s breakfast was interrupted by Oceanic calling to say they found his father.  The twist was that is was Desmond making the call!

Desmond went back to the school and Ben tries to make a citizen’s arrest.  Desmond starts to punch him and we see flashes of them on the island.  I think it is wake up time for everyone.  This is confirmed because Desmond told Ben he was there to get Locke to let go. 

Desmond then went to the police department to speak to a detective.  Detective James!  Desmond turned himself in for the hit and run and the assault.  James took him into custody only to be in the same cell as Sayid and next to Kate.  Okay, this is getting interesting and weird!

Ben was leaving campus and ran into Alice/ his daughter and she offered him a ride because of his physical state from his beat down.  Danielle, who is Alice’s mother, insisted on giving him a ride and a meal “even if they had to kidnap him.”  Ben asked about Alice’s father.  Danielle said he died when she was two and that he was the closest thing to a father that she had ever had.  Ben began to cry from all his emotions that he probably didn’t understand.

Locke went to visit Jack and talk about their connection and the connection to his attacker/ Desmond.  Locke then came to the conclusion that maybe Jack is supposed to fix him and that he may be ready to get out of his chair.

Back at the jail everyone was getting shipped to the county.  Kate tried to get James to let her go but he doesn’t do it with hesitation.  On the van, Desmond told them he thought it was time to leave.  He then asked for their trust and that he would tell each of them to do something and they have to promise to do it.  Ana Lucia is the cop that was driving the van and setting them free!  WHAT!  The group was picked up by Hugo in a hummer.  Hugo knows everything and paid Ana Lucia her money.  Hugo asked if she was coming but Desmond said she wasn’t ready yet.  Desmond informed Kate that they were going to a concert (to get Jack!).  The others went with Hugo.

Ben asked about why SL didn’t stay smoke.  He said he liked to feel his feet on the ground because it reminds him that he is human.  They came to the well where Desmond’s body should have been.  Ben then asked what Widmore said.  Desmond is the last resort to make sure that SL doesn’t leave the island.  SL wants to find Desmond so he can help him destroy the island!!

The Island

We go back to the gang on the island after the sub.  Jack was working on Kate while Hurley and Sawyer sat on the island.  Kat was very grief-stricken over Jin and Sun and Jin never seeing his daughter.  She then said,” Locke did this to them Jack.  We have to kill him.  Jack responded, “I know.”

Jack tells the gang that before Sayid died he told him Desmond was in a well.  If Smoke Locke wants him dead then they will need him. 

Miles, Richard and Ben are back.  They went to Ben’s old neighborhood to get dynamite.  Miles got a bad vibe and Richard told Ben it was his daughter.  Richard buried her after Ben had left.  Ben thanked him and kept moving towards his old house to look for the explosives.  Once Ben opened his safe and Richard tells him he planned to blow the plane to hell.  Widmore made a surprise visit as team two was gathering the explosives.

As Jack and Sawyer walked to find Desmond.  Sawyer said, ” I killed them didn’t I.”  Hell yes you did but Jack responded, ” No he killed them.”  Hurley ran into the ghost of young Jacob who snatched the ashes that Ilana’s had and ran.  This led Hugo to a campfire where adult Jacob was.  Jacob told Hugo they were very close to the end and that they should get his friend.

Widmore was ready to flee because SL was on his way.  Miles was ready to flee but Ben was not interesting in hiding.  He takes a Widmore’s walkie-talkie to keep in contact.  Richard decided to talk to SL to give Ben and Miles a chance.  Why is Miles such a punk?  Shouldn’t he be leading a ghost army or would that be Hugo.  Once Richard made it outside he was attacked by the Smoke Monster without a word.  Ben sat down on the porch when SL appeared with a knife.  SL told Ben he needed him to kill some people.  Once SL left the island Ben could have the island to himself.  Ben easily gave up where Widmore was to SL.  Ben told SL he wanted to see what he was going to do so SL took him along to the closet.  Zoe was instantly killed and SL slit her throat!  Why because Widmore told her not to talk to SL so she was pointless.  CRAZY!!  The first thing SL wants to do when he gets off the island is kill Penny if Widmore didn’t talk.  Widmore then talked about why he brought Desmond to the island but would not say anything else in front of Ben.

SL asked Widmore to whisper but of course we can’t hear and before he finished Ben killed him.  Ben said,” he doesn’t get to save his daughter.”  SL said Widmore already told him what he needed to know.  Then Ben got all creepsville and said isn’t there more people to kill.

Jacob appeared to Kate, Sawyer and Jack at their fire.  Kate went on to ask stupid questions that I don’t need answers to.  She then made a good point that she wanted to know why they died to make sure they didn’t die for nothing.  Jacob then told them why they died and why everyone was chosen.  He then would tell them how to protect the island because by the time the fire went out one of them would have to start doing it!

Jacob’s Answers

  • He brought everyone there because he made a mistake.  Because of that everyone and everyone they love may die.  He took responsiblity for making the monster who he is.  Ever since Jacob took the man in black to the light he had been trying to kill Jacob.  He then would have to find a replacement if the Smoke Monster succeeded, which it did.  That is why Jacob brought everyone to the island. 
  • Everyone was “flawed.”  He chose them because they were like him: alone, lost and needed the island as much as the island needed them.
  • Kate became a mother and that is why she was marked off.
  • The job is to protect the light and make sure it never goes out.  Protect it from SL
  • They must kill SL.  Jacob hopes this is possible because SL will certainly try to kill them.
  • Jacob gave them a choice to who it will be.  If no one chooses it will end very badly.

Jack of course said he would do it.  Then it was time.  Hugo was relieved it wasn’t him.  There goes our theory!

Jacob told Jack that the light is at the heart of the island, pass the bamboo field.  Jacob asked for a cup took some water and said a chant.  He then gave it to Jack to drink.  Jack then was like Jacob.  What the heck does that mean?  Where did the first guardian of the light come from?

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Damn you Jack for becoming the next Jacob….I was so sure it was Hurley.  Oh well, still a good choice.
  • I’m kind of glad there was no sinister reason for people being marked off the list.  I don’t think I saw anywhere that maybe Kate was marked off because she was a mom.
  • It was weird to me that Jacob still has not said his brothers name, and that he didn’t tell the group that he had killed his brother.  He alluded to it, but never just outright said it.
  • Is Richard dead? Can’t be right, because he is immortal.  Unless the smoke monster can just take that away.
  • I’m loving Desmond in the sideways world. He is like a more awesome Jacob or Ben, awakening people and setting them on paths.
  • Why isn’t Anna Lucia ready?  Is it because she would see her own death?
  • Who is Jack’s ex-wife?  My money is on Juliet.
  • How crazy is it that everyone is coming together for the same concert???  The finale should be crazy.
  • I’m really going to miss this show when its gone, but I cannot wait to see how all of this ends.

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