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Last nights Glee was light on the songs and heavy on the NPH (Neal Patrick Harris) and that is not a bad thing.  Here is what we got to hear last night on Glee:

So last night Bryan Ryan rolled into town to start slashing budgets and he had his eye on Glee Club.  Turns out Bryan Ryan is Will’s arch-nemesis from high school.  Bryan is bitter that despite being a star in high school, his musical career never flourished after his cruise ship circuit.  Will convinces him to give Glee a chance and to try out for Les Misrables.  Bryan is so happy, he cuts the Cheerio budget instead and funnels that money to Glee.  Everybody is happy until Will gets the lead.  Bryan cuts Glee again.  Will gives up his lead role to save his Glee kids.

Meanwhile, Artie wants to dance.  He knows his spinal injury can’t be fixed, but he gets his hopes up after Tina does some research.  He gets a little harsh reality from Emma, but he knows he can bounce back.  During his dream to be a dancer we did get to see him fantasize about doing an awesome performance of the Safety Dance.

Rachel is on the search for her mom with the help of Jesse.  Turns out it is the coach of Vocal Adrenaline.  She is not allowed to contact Rachel directly so this whole thing has been a set up for Rachel to find out who her mom is.  A little contrived for me, but I will play along to see how this goes.

A great, great episode.  NPH stole the show and I hope to see him back again soon.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love NPH. I saw were we shouldn’t hold our breath for him to be back anytime soon because he is with a different network. Maybe they will let him have one more Glee appearnce but I wouldn’t count on it for next season.

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