This is it guys the season finale!

Did anyone watch it?  I hope so because it was amazing.  There was some great acting in the finale filled with lots of emotion.

The episode started out with broken glass and a bloody, beaten up House.  When then see a flashback of eight hours earlier.  House was in Cuddy’s office and gives her a housewarming present  of a book that her grandfather wrote.  Cuddy doesn’t have much time for emotion here because a crane collapse  in Trenton with 100 or so casualties is her main priority.

Cuddy orders House to get on his bike and help tend to the victims of the crane collapse.  When he gets to the scene he immediately wants to tend to the crane operator.  I felt really bad for this guy.  He was convinced that he fell asleep on the job but House thought different.  He was sure that something caused him to pass out and immediately wanted the team to take him to the hospital.

Cuddy tells House that his team can help with the operator but he had to stay at the scene.  In typical House fashion he called Wilson to see if there was trouble in paradise with Cuddy and Luke.  Wilson blew off the questions as he was working on some of the accident victims.  House lounged around the horrific scene of rubble and even stops to get a snack when he heard a tap coming from below.  House tried to have the crew dig because he knew someone was trapped.  In the end House took a scary crawl to investigate.

It turned out there was a woman named Hannah who was pinned under concrete.  While rescuers try to free Hannah, House continues to question Cuddy about Lucas convinced that they are having trouble. 

The rescue team was unable to free Hannah and want to amputate her leg.  House and Hannah are strongly against this.  So the rescue team gives them two hours as they try to move more of the rubble from the outside.

At the hospital the team is struggling with the symptoms of the crane operator.  Thirteen was late using the excuse that she had physical therapy.  Good old Taub didn’t believe this.  House tried to leave the scene to help his team but Hannah was adamant on him staying with her.

The rescue team tried to move Hannah a second time but her lung collapses.  At this point House and Hannah’s leg is out of time ans he performs the amputation.  He first told Hannah the story of his leg and how he wished he chose amputation.  It almost made me cry to see House this vulnerable.  Cuddy also seemed visibly moved.

On the way to the hospital Hannah has trouble breathing.  At first House thinks it is a blood clot but it turns out to be a fat embolism.  There is nothing he could do.  It was heart wrenching as Hannah’s husband screamed for them to do something.  By the time they make it to the hospital Hannah is gone.  Forman tried to console House but is told to move out of his way “as an employee.” 

Taub caught Thirteen placing a letter on House’s desk.  She said she is taking some time off and when Taub asked, “are you okay.”  She responded, “obviously not.”

House returns to his apartment and rips the bathroom mirror off the wall to reveal some prescription drugs.  We are back to where we started.  House is struggling and about to take the pills when Cuddy walks in.  They have a quick banter and then Cuddy confess that her and Luke are not together and that she loves House.

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