Elizabeth’s Re-Cap

The Past Island

The show opened up to a pregnant woman coming out of the water from a ship wreck.  She was startled by someone  that was already on the island but she helped her.  They were speaking a different language(Spanish) and then began to speak English.  Both women were both on the island do to an accident.  The pregnant woman then started to go into labor as they were talking.  The pregnant woman gave birth to a boy and named him Jacob.  As the island woman was holding Jacob the mother was still in labor with another baby.  Guess who?  Another boy, the mother said she only picked one name.  The island woman laid the babies next to each other in symbolic light and dark cloths and when the mother asked to see the children but the island woman killed her!

Time elapses and we see the boys in their pre-teen/ teen years, still wearing their signature light/ dark clothes.  Future smoke found a game and tried to get Jacob to play.  The boy in black told Jacob they have to keep it  a secret from their “mother.”  Jacob went back to their home and his “mother” interrogated him on the truth about what the boys were doing on the beach.  We then see the “mother” go to talk to future smoke.  She tells him “Jacob doesn’t know how to lie, not like you… you’re special.”  The “mother” left the game for him but future smoke thought it may have come from somewhere else.  He then asked where did they come from and what is death.  She explained that he would never have to worry about death.

Jacob and the boy in black went chasing after a boar and found that more people lived on the island.  They told their mother about the men and she said they are not like them because they were not supposed to be on the island.  They were there for a reason.  She then said that it was not time yet, that she knew about the men and that they were dangerous.  The men came from a different part of the island and they would hurt them because they are human.  Jacob said, “we are human can we hurt people?  The mother the said she made it so they could never hurt each other as she led them to the reason they were on the island.  She took them to the warmest light ever felt and said that they must make sure that no-one can never find it.  The light was the light of man  but men always want more.  Men would try to get more and would put it out.  If the light on the island went out it would go out everywhere.  The mother said one of the boys would have to protect it because she could not protect it forever.

One day while Jacob and the boy in black were playing the game he found he saw his real mother and she spoke to him.  Their mother wanted to show him were he came from across the island.  This is where he found the other camp with the rest of the people from her ship came across the sea.  She then told the boy in black that he came from across the sea and that his “mother” is not his mother but she is.  The boy in black tried to bring Jacob to the other side of the  island and tried to explain that “mother” wasn’t their mother.   He then went crazy and started beating the boy in black up.  This is when the division started and the boy in black wanted to go home because he didn’t belong.  He pleaded with Jacob to come with him but he refused.  The “mother” told the boy in black that she loved him but he could never leave the island.  He said, “that’s not true and one day I will prove it.”

Jacob was sitting by the beach and asked his “mother” if she killed his real mother.  She confessed because she wanted him to stay good.  Jacob then asked why she loved the boy in black more than him.  She tried to tell him that she loved them in different ways and begged him to stay with her.  Jacob agreed.

Time jumped again to an adult Jacob with his mother.  He is concerned with her because she is tired.  Jacob went to go see his brother and we see them playing the game.  The man in black asked Jacob why he watches his people.  Jacob wants to know if they are bad.  The man in black said, “they are greedy, manipulative and selfish.”  Jacob asked why he lived among them.  The man in black told Jacob he was leaving because he found a way off the island.  He threw a knife and it was magnetized to a well.  We recognize the knife as the one Sayid stabbed Smoke Locke with.   The men he lived among found many sites on the island were it was magnetic.  The man in black begged Jacob again to leave with him.  Jacob didn’t want to leave because the island is his home.  The man in black asked what he was going to do when the woman died.  Jacob was offended and said she would never die.  The man in black told him the island wasn’t his home.  Jacob went back to his “mother” and told her that the man in black planned to leave the island.  She then went to the man in black’s camp to find him.

The man in black asked how his “mother” was doing and she replied that she was worried.  The man in black had been spending the past 20 years looking for the light that she showed him years ago and the people of his camp have many ideas on what to do with it.  The man in black then showed her that he found it.  We then got to see the “donkey wheel.”  He was creating a system to control the water and the light.  He was convinced that when he can control it he would leave the island because he is “special.”  She begged him to stay but the man in black said he didn’t belong there.  The woman then hugged him goodbye, looked him in the eyes, said she was sorry and then ran him into the wall and knocked the man in black unconscience.

The woman went to wake Jacob up and said, “it’s time.”  She told him she went to say goodbye to his brother.  Jacob couldn’t believe that she was going to let him go.  She took him to the light and told him he would protect it now.  The light is the source and life of the island.  He had to make one promise to his “mother.”  Never go down to the light because it would be much worse than death.  She then poured some liquid (wine maybe) and had him drink it.  This was him accepting the responsibility to protect the light for as long as he could until he could find his replacement.  He refused because she wanted it to be the man in black.  The woman told him it was always him but now he didn’t have a choice.  Once Jacob took a drink the woman said, ” and now you and I are the same.”

We see the man in black wake up to find that his well was demolished!  He looked so discouraged but then he saw some smoke in the sky and ran to find his camp burnt and all of his people dead.  He took his knife and dug out his game  before he broke down in tears.  The tears quickly turned into a crazy face of revenge! 

 The woman went to find that the man in black had been at her camp and left the game with one black stone and one white stone.  He then used his knife to stab her in the back and kill her.  Where was Jacob?  Off getting fire wood.  The man in black asked his “mother” Why she wouldn’t let him leave and she said, “because I love you.. thank you” and died.  Jacob found them and went crazy on the man in black again.  The man in black tried to stop him but Jacob was not listening.  The man in black tried to tell his brother that their “mother” burned all of his people.  Jacob took the man in black to the light and said he had to protect it.  Jacob then threw his brother into the stream that took him into the light.  That is how the man in black became the Smoke Monster!!!!

Jacob was thinking about the events that had occurred near a stream, when he found his brother’s body and cradled it.  He then took the man in black and laid him by his “mother.”

Jacob said goodbye to his brother.

The Island Oceanic Survivors

We cut back to the scene were Kate and Jack found two skeletons.  It was the woman and the man in black’s bodies.  We also saw were Jack took the black and white stone.  Locke called them their very own Adam and Eve.

  • Where did the woman come from?
  • What made their “real mother” so evil?
  • The man in black loved his brother and wanted to leave the island together.  Until Jacob did everything but kill him with his own hands.
  • Jacob has a bad temper and can be brutal.
  • Would Jacob have been the Smoke Monster if he went to the light?  Or only the man in black because he was special? 
  • What would have happened if the man in black was picked to protect the light?
  • What was the magic potion/ wine that Jacob had to drink?  I know we saw this before when Jacob and his brother were having a conversation and the man in black said he wanted out and would find a way to kill his brother and whoever replaced Jacob.
  • Did the man in black never get a name?  What’s up with that!!
  • What’s going to happen next!!!
  • How come there is more questions than answers?
  • My theory is that the man in black was released from his “human” body and turned into the Smoke Monster when he floated towards the light.  Think back to the Richard episode when the man in black said, ” the devil betrayed me.  He took my body.  My humanity.”  When talking about Jacob.

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