Walter tried to offer his services as a chaperone.  Bianca was relived that Walter wouldn’t be there for a make out movie.  As soon as she said make out movie, Cameron freaked out because he didn’t know that Dawn was expecting to make out.

Kat and Blank went out on a date because Patrick didn’t want to label them as exclusive.

Walter was able to be a chaperone and the teacher was shocked to see him at the movie event.  He even gave the boys a warning shot with a water bottle.  It was great.  There was even a slow motion scene were Dawn put on gloss and Joey give Cameron and himself a shot of breath spray and a fist bump!  Hilariosity.

Blank and Kat were the only ones at the French film to not make out and shared some chocolate covered strawberries.  Then they held hands!

Bianca got in between Dawn and Cameron because she doesn’t want him go get hurt.  This caused a fight between Dawn and Bianca.  The shocker was Cameron picked Dawn.  Patrick was ready to kick Blank’s butt and finally called Kat his girlfriend.  This was a great scene.


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