Elizabeth’s Re- Cap

This seriously sums up last nights entire episode

Parallel Universe

We start off with Locke waking up and Dr. Shepard checking up on him.  Jack then tells Locke he thinks he is a “candidate” for a new procedure to repair the damage done to his spine so that he can walk again.  Locke declined.  Helen came storming in thanking Jack for saving Locke!

Jack went to see Anthony Cooper, Locke’s father, in an attempt to get some answers.  Claire came to the hospital to see Jack to ask him about a gift their father gave her in the will.  As they talked they realized they were on the same Australia flight.  As they look at the jewelry box we can see them both in the mirrors reflection.  Jack told her he has no clue about the box and offers for Claire to stay with him because they are family.

Jack told Locke he went to see his father to find out why he was in a wheel chair.  Locke said he was in a plane crash.  We got some parallel when Locke said he looked his father in the eye and said trust me.  This is the same thing Jack did on the island to Sawyer before the explosion.

The Island

Widmore has a list of names (Sawyer, Sun/ Jin and Hugo) that don’t include Kate so he doesn’t need her.  What is up with lists?  The gang is put into the old cages.  Kate tried to convince herself that Widmore wouldn’t kill her.  Sawyer fessed up to seeing her name crossed out on the list in the cave.  Jin and Sun talked about their daughter and Sun gives her husband his ring.  This was a cute moment in the episode before the power went out. 

The Smoke Monster came and took out the camp.  Then Jack appeared to release the gang.  Why?  Because he is with him.  SL took out Widmore’s people guarding the gang before the rest of the crew could get there.  SL then tries to convince everyone that Widmore was trying to kill them with a bomb on the plane and that it is not safe.  SL suggest taking the submarine and Sawyer agrees.  Hugo brought up the fact that SL isn’t supposed to leave the island and tries to get Sawyer to remember what Richard said.  Claire apologized to SL for leaving him and he told it was alright.  Hmmm.  Sawyer tried to get Jack to do one more favor by keeping SL off the submarine.  How will he do that he is the smoke monster!

As the gang was about to get on the sub.  SL told Jack that he had no idea who told him he needed to stay.  Jack said John Locke did and then pushed him in the water.  All of the sudden they were ambushed by Widmore’s people.  Kate was shot in the leg.  Sawyer went to get Claire but then left her because Locke was on his way.  Of course, then Claire realizes what happened.  She is left behind and guess what Jack is on the sub.  Then SL comforts Claire by saying “trust me you don’t want to be on that sub.”

Locke put a bomb on the sub with them because they did exactly what he wanted.  Oh that tricky Smoke Monster!  Jack figured that SL needed to kill them all in order to get off the island.  Sawyer was hell bent on pulling the wire.  Jack tried to tell Sawyer that SL was trying to get them to kill eachother by setting off the bomb.  Sawyer didn’t liste and the clock started to run faster.  Sayid took one for the team.  Why must everyone I love die on this show for the rest of the group!  I am so sad and mad right now!!!

After I was traumatized.  Hugo saved Kate, Jack saved Sawyer and Jin stayed behind to save Sun on the flooding sub. Sun was trapped and begged Jin to go.  He wouldn’t leave her.  This was so sad it made me want to cry.  At this point I am done with the show and don’t care how it ends!  Oh yeah, thanks a lot Sawyer for not trusting anyone… ever!!

Then there was four!  I am so mad at Kate right now that I can’t see straight to type.  SL told Claire that the sub sunk and that they are all not dead.  SL walked away saying he was going to finish what he started.  What’s going to happen next.  Maybe some answers to this tragic episode next week.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • First off—RIP Jin, Sun, Sayid, and Lapidus.  Holy crap, I knew people were going to die, but that was quick!
  • It was a little sick, but I was hoping Sun and Jin would die together—but only because I seriously could not tolerate one more episode where they mope around the island thinking about their lost love.
  • Sayid–bad ass and a hero—so glad that Desmond set him on the right track.
  • So Jack “Is It” according to Sayid.  I still don’t think he’s the next Jacob—my money is still on Hurley.  But I think he is the key to taking down Smoke Locke.
  • Clearly dying in island world doesn’t kill you in Alt-World—but what does that mean now?  Can they live on or will their timelines inevitably end in Alt-World?  Or is there a chance at redemption where the time lines merge and all our dead characters get the second chance at life?
  • Hurley crying made me want to cry.  Very moving, very good acting.
  • Who else wanted Kate to drown?  I kept thinking she’s already shot, shes dead weight let her go.  Then when she seemed to be moving pretty well on the beach (faker!) I just wished even more she had died. She could have carried that bomb off instead of Sayid!
  • Everyone is using the list—what does that mean exactly?
  • I was hoping Sawyer wouldn’t pull those wires—I feel like Jack has earned a shot at being right—but of course he pulls them and Jack has once again lead a group to their death.  That guilt always falls on him, even though this was Sawyers idea.  I think thats something to remember—-a man taking responsibilty for others sins……
  • Random info for you:  Jorge Garcia was on G4’s Attack of the Show last night (click HERE to check that out).  He said next weeks episode is his favorite.  I think that means big things coming next week, cause if Jorge Garcia likes it, it must be good.
  • I got no theories for you this week.  All I have is a blown mind—Thanks Lost 🙂

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