Another good episode of Chuck last night, making me thankful for this season being extended.  Chuck and Sarah got to meet the most succesful couple in the CIA last night.  Mr. and Mrs. Turner were portrayed by Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz.  If you saw Fred Willard in Modern Family last week this was a funny yet opposite turn on the “father figure” he played on that show.  And lets face it, you can’t lose on the funny with Swoosie Kurtz.

So the Turners have been married (more or less) for 30 years.  Chuck is pumped because he thinks this will be the thing that inspires Sarah to commit to him fully and move in.  Sarah is not so sure, but they have to work with the Turners anyway.  They go on a mission together and we learn the Turners are double crossing the CIA after 30 years of service.  Sarah and Chuck of course get screwed on the double cross, but decide to take on the Turners and redeem themselves.  There were some great “couple” moments for Chuck and Sarah and really made the relationship flow seamlesly into the show.  The Turners pull a triple cross in the end and save Chuck and Sarah.  They then proceed to retire from the CIA, but clearly it makes Sarah feel like her and Chuck do have a future.  Sarah moves in and all is right in Chuck world.

Ellie and Awesome are in Africa and Ellie hates it.  Awesome is thriving until he gets sick.  They are sent home, and as they leave the camp we see the lead doctor get on his ring phone and let someone know its been taken care of!  Very ominous for Awesome and Chuck.

Meanwhile, Morgan is being sent through some spy tests by Casey.  He is failing miserably until Chuck and Sarah are in trouble.  There is a tiger (it belongs to the bad guy) lose in the aparment complex.  Morgan decides to man up and distract it.  Casey is impressed with his bravery and lets him know he will keep training him even though he has no spy ability.


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