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Parallel Universe

We picked up were we left off, Locke was on his way to the hospital.  An interesting thing happened, Sun was on the gurney getting brought in when she recognized Locke.

James is trying to figure out why he and Kate keep running into each other.  Kate figures that James doesn’t want anyone to know that he was in Australia.  They then get a photo for Sayid as the killer at a restaurant.  Everyone is reuniting and I love it!

At the airport Desmond offered to get a lawyer for Claire for her visit to the adoption agency.  Claire looks vair, vair  pregnant!  Guess who the lawyer was… Ilana and she has been looking for Claire.

Sayid returns to his brother’s house and tells Nadia that he was leaving, never coming back and that she wouldn’t have to worry again.  During this Miles showed up to the house to ask questions while James was waiting to capture Sayid in the backyard.

Jack and his son are spending time together by hearing the will being read for Jack’s father.  Of course the lawyer is Ilana and this is how Jack meets his sister Claire.  Even in this time Claire knew before Jack about them sharing a father.  During this reunion, Jack got a call to do a surgery on Locke and he asked to reschedule the will reading.  Before starting the surgery, Jack recognized Locke.

The Island

Jack and Claire have a heart-to-heart.  This was a nice break from crazy Claire.  Jack then busted her bubble when he told her that he hadn’t decided to be with Smoke Locke.  Claire said, ” Yeah you have.  You chose to be with him the moment you let him talk to you.  You are with him whether you like it or not now.”  Interesting.

Widmore’s second in command came to SL’s camp for Desmond and she had plenty of back up.  She gave the ultimatum of returning Desmond by nightfall and she meant business!  When Claire and Jack return hey find out that the war is about to begin.  SL gives the duty of sailing the boat to Sawyer and Kate.  Sawyer then told Jack about his deal with Widmore.  His plan was for Jack to get Hugo, Sun and Frank to meet up with him and Kate.  SL took Sayid aside and gave him the task of killing Desmond.

Desmond made Sayid think about what he would tell his love when she asked what he did to be with her again.  This made him stop and think.  Sawyer finally told Claire about his plan to leave SL.  She told Sawyer she made a promise to bring Claire back.  Sawyer nixed that because Claire had been drinking SL’s kool-aid.

SL asked Sun where Sayid was and then  goes back to make sure no one is left behind.  This was Jack’s chance to break up form the group of course he is very obvious and Claire sees this.  This is the second time she was left in her eyes.  SL catches up with Sayid to make sure he killed Desmond, which he didn’t.

Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Frank, Hurley are reunited at the boat dock but of course a gun-toting Claire slows them down.  Kate convinces Claire to come along and to give up her gun.  Claire about SL, “If he finds out we are gone, he is going to be mad.”  Frank wanted to know the plan and Sawyer told him they are on their way to Hydra island to meet with Widmore.  Jack told Sawyer it didn’t feel right leaving the island.  He figured that maybe SL didn’t want them to stay because he was afraid of what would happen.  Sawyer then told Jack to take the crazy talk and to get off the boat.  Jack apologized for getting Juliet killed and jumped off the boat.  Kate freaked and asked Sawyer what he said to Jack.  Sawyer just replied that he didn’t want to go.  Kate wanted to go back but Sawyer said they were done going back.  When Jack arrived back at the island, SL and the others were waiting.

Sawyer and the others made it to Hydra island and Jin and Sun are reunited!  Finally!  Also, Sun can now speak English and told Jin that she never stopped looking for him.  Jin promised her they would never be apart.  Sawyer found out that Widmore double crossed him.  He should have listened to Jack but then Sun and Jin wouldn’t have been reunited.  Jack was saved by SL as the main island was bombed.  He told Jack that everything would be okay because he was with him now.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • I am convinced that Sayid is not “infected”.  I’m with Hurley that just like Anakin people can be brought back from the dark side–especially if they chose the dark side.
  • What was Sayid looking for in the jungle?  I’m 98% positive he didn’t kill Desmond.  Desmond must have sent him to look for something, perhaps a tear between world A and world B????
  • I really thought Sayid was going to shoot Smoke Locke in the back of the head—oh well.
  • I called Hurley as the next Jacob but what is Jack?  Clearly he is important because he has realized what we all have known–Smoke Locke doesn’t want him on this island for some reason.
  • I feel like Smoke Locke saying he was being Jack’s dad was a lie.  I really felt that way when Claire just randomly asks if Smoke Locke told him he was pretending to be Christian.
  • Someone’s going to die soon—I thought it was going to be Kate shot by Claire on the boat last night, but it just didn’t happen.

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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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  1. nyesimmons says:

    i like it ladies! good recap and some good questions too. I agree, Desmond is alive. Also i really thought someone was going to get shot when the group arrived on Hydra Island, I am really glad no one did though!

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