Checked out the midnight showing of Kick-Ass last Thursday and minus the loud obnoxious guys sitting next to and behind us Kick-Ass was, well, Kick-Ass. 

If you have read the comic books/graphic novel you know how this story goes.  Kid decides to be a superhero, but he has no skill or powers, goes for it anyway.  He fails miserably his first time out.  The movie does a great job of making that hit home for the audience.  Kick-Ass can’t seem to kick the habit and goes back out to fight crime after healing.  He does a little better and becomes a You Tube sensation.  Kick-Ass sets up his Myspace page (i know dated, but what can you do) and his popularity sky rockets.

Great job by Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass and the ever hilarious Clark Duke as his best friend.  Kick-Ass keeps his secret identity and even manages to find time to play the gay best friend to a girl he secretly loves.  But things start getting real when he confronts a drug dealer and faces death.  Luckily for him and us Hit Girl is in town.  She busts in all her 11 year old bad assness and kills some dealers.  Kick-Ass is recruited by Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (Nic Cage at his best).  He’s not ready for that life so keeps going about his business.

Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) pops up and starts stealing  Kick-Ass’s glory.  Of course two geeky kids like Kick-Ass and Red Mist need to team up and this is where the story gets twisted.  I can’t tell you what happens without ruining the ending for you, but its well worth the price of admission.  The movie doesn’t stray too far from the comics, there are two very noticeable plot changes, but they are easy to forgive.

Don’t let the reviews about Chloe Moretz’ language scare you away.  If you enjoy some comic book violence and some just general awesome ass kicking, you will love this movie.  And honestly,  Nic Cage as Big Daddy may be the most self-aware you ever see Nic Cage, enjoy it!

Elizabeth’s Two Cents!

I loved the movie!  I have not read the comic but it was freaking awesome!  All of the main characters I know and love.  You can ask Sunshine I have a weird fascination with Nic Cage.  Aaron Johnson you are on my fav actors list since Angus, Thongs, Chloe-   500 Days, enough said.  Everyone was right on point.  There were two things that  bothered me was ** SPOILER** Red Mist is the villan!  I just wasn’t ready for that.  Also, Kick Ass being a GBF and then telling the truth and getting a girlfriend.  That was a bit off for me.  Everyone who is able to see a Rated R movie should check out this film.  Everyone needs a hero sometimes.

We both give this film Five out of Five Butterfly Knives:



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