A music packed, highly produced, highly fun episode of Glee brought us The Power of Madonna.  A night, that just as the title indicates, was filled with Madonna songs.  Tonight we got to hear:

If you just can’t get enough of last night’ Glee check out the full episode here!

Here’s what happened last night on Glee:

The girls are feeling mistreated and under appreciated by the guys.  Artie’s treatment of Tina seemed particularly harsh when he told her to lose the goth look if she “wanted to get up on this”.  So Will decides to give his Glee girls a boost and have the whole group work on Madonna assignments this week.  In part to encourage the girls and in part to get the boys thinking about there actions.  The guys want no part of it which leads us to the ladies performing Express Yourself. 

Everyone seems to know that Rachel is still dating Jesse except of course for Finn.  He lives in the dark until Santana finally tells him (mixed in with a request to take his virginity).  That all comes about because it turns out Sue Sylvester is a huge Madonna fan and has encouraged her girls to follow Madonna’s every example — including dating younger men (Brittany’s dating a seven year old–coming from her its not as creepy as it reads).  So Santana sets her sight on Finn cause you know once you take a boys virginity he will follow you for life (per Brittany). 

Finn confronts Rachel she admits she is still dating Jesse so he takes Santana up on her offer.  But Finn is not the only one out to lose his virginity.  Rachel decides to go there with Jesse and Emma decides to embrace the material girl mantra and do it with Will.  We get a great performance of Like A Virgin.  In the end Finn is the only one that goes through with it, but lies to Rachel and tells her he couldn’t do it.  While Rachel lies to Finn and says that she has.  Rachel wasn’t ready and told Jesse she couldn’t betray her team. 

Well, you don’t have to worry for long Rachel!  Jesse proves his love by moving to New Directions and quitting Vocal Adrenaline.  The Glee club is supicious but Will says he has checked everything out and its all on the up an up.  So that opens up a whole new problem for Finn.  He admits his feelings for Rachel but tells her and Jesse he will back off.  

And then to top it all off, Mercedes and Kurt join the Cheerios!  They haven’t quit Glee but feel they are better utilized in the Cheerios.  We will see how long that lasts, i’m giving it till next week 🙂

So where do we go from here?  What impact does Jesse have on New Directions?  Is he spying or did he really quit?  A good episode song wise, not the best plot wise, but all can be forgiven for a good rendition of Like A Prayer!


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