This was an interesting episode.  I was so into watching the show that I took horrible notes.  Here is the just:

The Patient:  He played a knight in a Medieval Renaissance Village (AWESOME).  He was poisoned by the king with hemlock and in love with the queen.  In the end we find out that he was using steroids and the hemlock sped up his illness.  While trying to figure the diagnosis, Thirteen has issues with chivalry.  Once they gave the knight his treatment, she encouraged him to tell the queen of his love.  The knight felt that he had a good king and that the queen would have a better life than if she were with him.  Crazy!

My favorite part of the episode is the return of Wilson’s ex-wife!  House has drawn the line in the sand and challenges her in order to protect Wilson from getting hurt again.  What a good friend…. Maybe.

For more details check out the re-cap on


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