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Parallel Universe


This episode opened up with a documentary on Hugo as he received a man of the year award.  Everyone loves him and he is a rich philanthropist.  His mother, Carmen,  told Hugo everyone loves Hugo except for women!  Carmen has set Hugo up on a date and if she doesn’t work out his mother plans to find someone who does.

Hugo meets Libby at a Mexican restaurant though she isn’t his blind date she wanted to talk to him because she felt connected to him.  She then asks if he remembered him.  Then the good Doctor Brooks comes and takes her away.  Another crossover event.

Hugo was drowning his sorrows in a bucket of chicken when Desmond approached him.  He remembered him from the Oceanic flight and Hugo tells him about Libby and how she lives in the psych ward and why he was depressed.  Desmond then asked Hugo if he believed her when she said she knew him.  He then convinced Hugo to find her.  I love Desmond!

Hugo went to pay Libby a visit but her Doctor wouldn’t let him see her.  Hugo then offered to be a donor and give 100K to the facility.  Money can get you a lot of things because he was able to see Libby.  Libby told Hugo of her memories of “another life” after seeing a commercial with him in it.  She then talked about the plan crash, the island and how they knew/ liked each other.  She then remembered being in the mental hospital and Hugo being there too.  That is when she went to talk to him.  Hugo apologized to her because he didn’t remember her.  Hugo then asked Libby out on a date.

Hugo and Libby had a picnic on the beach for their date but Libby felt like something is off.  She then talked about how being with Hugo seemed familiar and this was the date they never had.  They then talk about why they want to be with each other.  Awww, then they kiss and Hugo remembers everything!  The whole date Desmond was watching.  I guess his job is to make sure everyone remembers.

Desmond then stalked Locke but was caught by Ben at the school.  He thought he was some perv watching the kids.  Desmond said he was looking for a school for his son CHARLIE.  Wow, so many connections.  Then, Desmond hit a wheel cheer bound Locke with his car!

The Island

Hugo was talking to Libby’s grave and told Ilana how they were going to go on a date before she was murdered.  Ilana leaves to get the rest of the group together so that they can blow up the plane.  Then OMG!  It is Michael.  He has come to stop Hugo from getting everyone killed.  Hugo doesn’t want to trust Michael because he killed Libby and AnnaLucia.  Michael tries to convince him to stop the group because everyone is listening to what Hugo says now on the island.  Jack appears and asks Hugo who he is talking to and he lies and says no one.

Hugo returned to the group and tries to stop them from blowing up the plane.   As Ilana tries to get the explosives together and tell Hugo she is trying to protect them KaBOOM!  No more Ilana.  Michael was right!

Smoke Locke (SL) is waiting but the rest of his group is ready to go.  He then explains how they have to get on the plan with the same people they came to the island with.  Sayid returns and spoke with SL in private.  Why is he on the dark side?  Sayid took SL to Desmond in the woods.  The person Widmore was hiding.  Desmond and SL had a weird stare off.

Desmond tells SL he has nowhere to run and so he is released from being tied up.  SL then asked why Widmore brought him to the island.  Desmond responded ask him because I was kidnapped.  Desmond then told him about the electromagnetic blast.  Poor Desmond, he thinks SL is John Locke.  SL took Desmond for a walk and had Sayid go back to camp.

Ben is freaked out by the fact that Ilana is blown up because the island was done with her.  He is wondering what will happen when the island is done with them.  Good thought.  Richard planned to go and get the dynamite, when Hugo is running from an explosion.  Richard was all ” What the Hell!”  Hugo was like “I’m protecting us.” Crazy!

Hugo finally told Miles about seeing Michael and the fact that he can speak to dead people.  SL and Desmond are still walking when a boy is standing in the woods watching them.  Desmond asked if SL knew him but he said to ignore him.  The boy smiled and disappeared.  Back to Hugo and the rest of the group, Richard is not happy and wants Hugo to prove that he is talking to Jacob.  Hugo- ” I don’t have to prove anything to you.  You can either come with me or continue to blow things up.”  Richard is bent on destroying the plan and the group divides.  Richard, Ben, Miles versus Frank, Sun, Jack and Hugo.  This is getting really intense!  Richard tells them not to get in their way.  Hugo then leads his team to go talk to Locke.

Hugo confessed to Jack about not seeing Jacob and that going to see Locke is his idea.  Frank and Sun second guessed the choice to go with Hugo.  I enjoyed seeing Hugo in the lead for this episode.  Hugo left the group to find Michael and he realizes that Michael is stuck on the island.  The whispers are the ones who can’t move on.  Michael then shows Hugo were Locke is and Hugo asked if there was anything he could do to help him.  Michael said don’t get yourself killed and if you see Libby tell her he is sorry.  Awww.

SL took Desmond to a well.  He then tells him the well is so old that the people who built it made it by hand looking for answers.  The island used to make compasses spin and the people needed to know why so they dug.  SL :  Widmore isn’t interested in answers he is interested in power.  The well they are at is not the only one.  SL doesn’t understand  why Desmond isn’t afraid.  He isn’t afraid because he is the man!  SL then pushed him into the well.  Dang!  SL returned to his camp without Desmond and this doesn’t really bother Sayid.  Then Hugo found the camp and shocked the heck out of everyone.  Hugo then said he and his group need to talk to him but he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.   What!  Hugo just lead everyone SL needs to get off the island!  I can’t believe it took me this long to get what was happening.  Big Trouble.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Holy Crap!!!  That is my two word summary for the night.  Desmond pushed in well, Alterna-Locke run over by a car.  Holy Crap!!!
  • So, did Desmond run over Alterna-Locke to wake him up, or because killing him there would kill him on the island?
  • Is Alterna-Locke “REAL”  of “SMOKEY”?
  • How sweet is Hurley?  That date with Libby on the beach was adorable, the kiss was sweet, and when he flashed he just looked so happy.  And that was a very Keanu Reeves “Whoa” 🙂
  • I’m doubting Sayid’s evilness.  I mean the acts he is committing are evil, but I don’t think something in him is making him that way.  I feel like he has just given up trying to be good and is letting his bad side take over.
  • Desmond may be the new badass with that whole thing about why be scared.  Smoke Locke does not know what to do with that.
  • Was that a scared look on Jack’s face when he arrived at camp or was that just a weird camera angle?

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    good summary!

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