Glee is back….yay!  So a good returning episode lots of music and lots going on plot wise.  First here is what we got to hear tonight:

So here’s what happened last night on Glee:

Rachel and Finn are dating!  Well at least Rachel knows there dating and has made them him and her dating calendars so that Finn won’t “forget” anymore dates.  Finn is not so sure, he’s kind of hung up on Quinn still and having trouble getting over that whole its not my baby thing.  Finn decides to spread his wings and sow his wild oats by checking out what Brittany and Santana have to offer.  Which apparently is watching them make out if you buy them dinner.  Finn quickly realizes he has made a bad choice but its too late.  Rachel already sang Gives You Hell—there’s no turning back now—-she has moved on to Jesse St. James of Vocal Adrenaline.

We all know its a set up, Glee Club knows its a set up, Rachel knows its a set up but is so desperate for love she goes for it anyway.  Plus he sang Hello to her, it must be love.  So, Glee Club issues the ultimatum, dump Jesse or get out.  Rachel says she will, but doesn’t, and we get our confirmation that this is a set up when Jesse is kissing her but making eyes at his coach.  But, in Glee Club world everyone thinks its over.  Finn wants Rachel back, she refuses but can’t tell him it’s cause she has that secret boyfriend.  Finn says he’s not going to give up easily—-awww and just a little creepy.

Sue Sylvester is back bitches and she ain’t playing games.  She is ready to take down Glee Club by any means necessary and that even includes drugging the principal and pretending to sleep with him.  The principal naked in bed and Sue lying there in her red track suit was priceless.  So Sue enlists Britanny and Santana to break up Glee (hence the “dating” of Finn to upset Rachel).  Things don’t go according to plan but we got some hilarious Brittany:  “Did you know that dolphins were just gay sharks?”  Brittany may be the new breakout star of Glee, the things she says randomly are absolutely hilarious.

Will and Emma are so sweet together, but I wondered how the whole sex thing was going to be handled.  I mean if the woman can’t eat out of her own plastic containers without gloves what were the odds she was going to be having sex—i had bet zero and turned out to be right.  So that threw a kink in the relationship when she had to reveal she had never had sex, and then had to hear from Will’s estranged wife that the song Will had picked for them was the same song Will had picked for her in high school!  So, Emma decides they need to seperate and take some time to figure out there lives.  Will agrees but it was heart breaking to watch.  Luckily,  Will got to make out with the Vocal Adrenaline coach so I guess his life doesn’t suck so bad!

Quinn and Puck seem to be together.  They were not front and center tonight and I don’t think they really spoke much.  But, it seems like Puck is out with other girls, and Quinn is just trying to hold on to him.   This should be interesting.

Did you guys love this episode as much as me?  Next week is Madonna—woo hoo!

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