Check out the new ABC Family Movie, Beauty & the Briefcase airing Sunday April 18th at 8pm EST.  Hilary Duff plays, Lane Daniels, a fashion journalist who goes undercover to find “Love” in the workplace by taking on different traditional jobs.  Her editor Kate (Jamie Presley) gives her the okay and comedy and romance ensues!  Lane’s major love interest include: 

  • Liam(Chris Carmack)
  • Seth( Matt Dallas)- hello Kyle XY!!
  • Tom (Michael McMillian)


Check this post after the movie airs for updates!


This was a cute film.  I am not a huge fan of Hilary Duff but she knows how to pick her straight to DVD/ TV Movie roles.  Let me tell you Lane doesn’t end up with Seth, which is disappointing.  I would recommend this when it reruns tonight after 10 Things I hate about You.


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