Kat tried to figure out what to wear when going out with Patrick by getting help from Bianca.  She said If the guy has a plan and pays it is a date.  Meanwhile, Bianca is getting ready for her first date with Joey and becomes concerned that he might expect sex.    As the girls get picked up Walter gives the fellas the baby slide show!

I guess it wasn’t a date, because Patrick didn’t have a plan.  Kat decides to find a place where they can go eat.  On the other hand Joey planned a private, romantic and parent free dinner.  Imagine the look of concern on Bianca’s face.  She finally tells Joey that she is a virgin and the rest of the night he acted completely different towards her.   Patrick tells Kat he will pay for dinner, but little did she know he was planning a dine and dash!

Chastity goes to the movies undercover and sits next to Cameron!  She says she is on a date but then she bosses him around like he is the date. What’s up with that?

Of course Kat felt bad about the dine and dash and wanted to go back and pay.  It then turned into a big argument about if they were on a date or not and then Kat threw up.  Chastity had a breakdown in the middle of a horror movie and Cameron took up for her when the rest of the audience wanted her to shut up.  The movie ended with Cameron’s arm around Chastity.  Of course she doesn’t want anyone to know about them at the movie.  Joey went to apologize because of his R-Rated expectations and how he didn’t mind a PG relationship.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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