Elizabeth’s ReCap

Parallel Universe

Desmond was on the Sydney flight and he runs into Hugo and Claire when picking up his luggage.  He even offered to give Claire a ride but she opts for a cab.  As Desmond walked away he told Claire he bets that she is having a boy.  George is Desmond’s driver and he is extra creepy by trying to offer hookers.  Desmond just demands to go to the office.  What do you know, the office is where Widmore is the boss.  Widmore starts talking about Charlie’s band and how Desmond must get him to perform.  In this time, Desmond is single with no child and he gets along with Widmore.

When Desmond goes to pick Charlie up he of course doesn’t pay any attention and heads straight for a bar.At the bar, Charlie talks to Desmond about being in love and how he found it on the flight from Sydney.  Charlie then started to give great detail about the blonde woman he is in love with that he knew. It sounds like he is talking about Claire.

On the way to see Widmore, Desmond looses control and drives off the pier, thanks Charlie.  He is able to escape the car but Charlie does not respond.  Not because he cant’ escape but because he doesn’t want to.  When Desmond goes down to save him Charlie has a note written on his hand, “not penny’s boat.”  When Desmond saw this he then is able to open the car door and get Charlie to the surface.  Sounds familiar… What’s going to happen next?

When getting a cat scan at the hospital Desmond saw a flash of what his life was.   The one with Penny and having a son.  He then saw Jack and tries to get him to help find Charlie.  That doesn’t take long because Charlie was running in a gown out of the hospital.  Charlie asked Desmond if he felt it too and to stop worrying about him and start trying to find Penny.

Desmond it told by Widmore to tell his wife that Charlie is missing and Drive Shaft will not be performing with her son.  Mrs. Widmore (Daniel’s mother) is surprisingly not upset.  While leaving the Widmore event he over heres the guest list and the name Penny.  Mrs. Widmore steps in and tells him he is not allowed to see the list.  She tells him to stop and that it is “clearly a violation” and whatever he is looking for to stop looking for it.

Oh SNAP!  This is it.  She talks in a way that she knows the truth.  She knew how to get back to the island in the first place.  What is going to happen next!  She tells Desmond he is not ready yet.  Before he leaves, Daniel… Daniel Widmore comes to the car and says we need to talk.

Daniel then asks if Desmond believes in love at first sight.  He says the same thing that Charlie was talking about except he was describing a woman with red hair.  Charlotte anyone?  He then said he drew quantum mechanics and went to a friend who knew what it was because he is just a musician.  Setting off energy the size of a nuclear bomb.  He then started the what if’s”

  • This wasn’t our life.
  • We have another path
  • I think I already set off a nuclear bomb

He then asked if he felt it when he heard the name Penny.  Desmond believes her to be an idea.  Daniel then says she is his half-sister and that he can tell him when and where to find her.  Sunshine’s theory is coming true!

Ironically, Desmond finds Penny running stadium stairs at a ball park.  He introduced himself to her.  Penny shook Desmond’s hand and then he fainted or did he change universe planes?  humm.  When Desmond gets back to his car, he asks George for the manifest to his flight so he can have the names of the passengers.  Yes!!

The Island

Desmond woke up on the island looking for his wife, Penny, he then sees Widmore.  He is then informed about being shot by Ben.  It is all coming together now.  He then freaks out and wants off the island.  Widmore said the island isn’t done with him yet.  Widmore has Desmond to see if he can survive an electromagnetic event a second time.

Desmond survived and then asked how long he was unconscious.  Widmore replied it was only a few seconds.  I think he went to the other universe and now understands what he needs to do in order to get his life with Penny back!  Yes, finally some answers.  Maybe.

Sayid kills one of the captors and tells Zoey to run away then tells Desmond to come with him.  Desmonda agrees rather easily, and doesn’t seem bothered that Sayid just broke a dudes neck.

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Ok—so i’m guessing my epilogue theory is wrong seeing as how everyone seems to be remembering the other life.  So my new theory is simple—we will blend story lines next week and someone will probably need to die next week.
  • Not thinking Smoke Locke is going to be real happy to see Desmond.
  • Sayid is a stone cold killer—but he always has been so has he really changed?
  • So good to see Charlie, the crazy flash from underwater in Alt-World to underwater in Island-World gave me goosebumps.   The episode where Charlie dies is on of my most favorite episodes and saddest because we lost Charlie.
  • I hope Charlie finds Claire in this alt-world.
  • I liked the call backs “What happened, happened”  “Do you have any metal on you”  Penny running the same stadium steps that Desmond was running when Jack met him.  Was this a sign of something to come???
  • Great episode, it can only get better from here!

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