Da Repercussions- Se1, Ep11


This episode really showed Patrick as a man a few words.  I can’t wait till he starts to form more complete sentences.  We picked up were we left off, with Kat and Patrick by the water.  Kat is so excited that she jumps in and then she realized she was suspended and her dad was going to kill her. 

Bianca tries to help Chastity find the girl who Joey was kissing.  This causes her a lot of stress because she really likes Joey.  She devises a plan for her and Joey to get the surveillance tape of them kissing and delete it.  Because Joey is so awesome with secrets, Cameron finds out their plan and the fact that Joey and Bianca are dating.  Fav quote: Joey asks Cameron to get the video: Joey- Why don’t I Swede it with Jay Z music, special effects and put it in a heart-shaped box with rose petals and wishes.  Joey- That’s okay we are just going to delete it.

Kat’s dad was pretty cool about the suspension because Kat was standing up for “some poor kid.”  Her punishment was no car and painting the living room.  Patrick shows up for some quality time during the suspension and made matters worse by informing Kat that she cannot make up a test if she is suspended on test day.  This causes her to have to sneak back in school in order to take an English test.  Of course, they get caught and Kat’s dad finds out about Patrick being “some poor kid.”

To some of the ending:

  • Cameron gave chastitiy the vidoe but he deleted who Joey was kissing.
  • Walter stood up for Kat when he found out she would have gotten a 0 on her test.
  • Cameron stood up for himself with Bianca and this inspires her to tell Chastity about her and Joey.
  • Walter calls Kat a liar about Patrick.  That hurts.

Don’t Trust Me- Se1, Ep12


This episode poor Kat is given the silent treatment from her dad, Walter.  Why?  Because he doesn’t trust Patrick and he doesn’t trust Kat around Patrick.  This leades to Walter telling Kat to invite Patrick over for dinner.

Bianca gets “iced out” by her so called friends.  Meanwhile, Cameron is making friends as Kat informs him that he recived the Mr. Dependable Superlative.  At first he wasn’t excited, which lead to my fav quote: Kat- Mr. T? I pitty the fool who forgets him.  He also meets Ms. Dependable who is very attractive and causes Cameron to suddenly have game. 

Joey and Bianca received cutest couple but she declined it.  Chastity said the ice out would stop if she breaks up with Joey.  Poor Joey, he freaked out when Bianca didn’t choose him and had some wise words. ” If friends were really your friends would they make you choose?”  This causes her to kiss him and choose him. 

Patrick said he didn’t do family dinners and Kat told him fine see you around.  At some point they devised a plan to make it the worse dinner possible for Walter.  This was hilarious!  Walter was definitely punked.

Since Bianca and Joey turned down cutest couple it went to Mandella and her girlfriend.  Of course her baby is very jealous and wouldn’t take the photo with Kat there.  So who won cutest couple?  Kat and Pat!

In the end:

  • Bianca reunites with her friends (minus Chastity) and is still dating Joey.
  • Walter forgives Kat
  • Kat informed her dad that she is trying to learn more about Patrick and if he is bad she will not talk to him.



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