Elizabeth’s Re-Cap

Parallel Universe

Jin & Sun are not married.  He is he escort while in America.  Jin was working for Sun’s father and had to deliver a watch.  Remember the previous episode when he was stopped in customs for having 50 thousand in cash?  He was supposed to deliver that as well to some guy at a restaurant.  Customs kept the money and while Jin was still going to deliver the watch, Sun seduced him and we see that they have been having a secret relationship.  That seems familiar…hmmm. Sun was trying to tell Jin something important when someone knocked on the door.  Who is but our favorite freighter Omar and Keamy!  In the end it turns out that is who the money was for and it was payment to kill Jin for sleeping with Sun.  Sun is taken to get the money from the bank by the translator, while Omar and Keamy took Jin to the restaurant. 

This catches us up to when Sayid found Jin in the cooler.  Sayid gave Jin minimal help to free himself before he left the restaurant.  Sun is brought to the restaurant to find Omar and the rest of the goons have been shot.  Jin got the jump on the translator and during a struggle for the gun shots are fired.  Jin shot the translator and ran to Sun who has been shot in the stomach!  Oh yeah, she confessed that she was pregnant!  The stories are really starting to come together.  On to the island!

The Island

We see Smoke Locke’s camp but it is through someone elses eyes who has on night vision glasses.  Sayid tells Smoke Locke that he doesn’t feel.  SL said, ” maybe it will hep with what is about to come.”  What!  What is coming??  An epic battle and torture?  Anyway, Claire is all paranoid because her name is not on the list.  SL comforts her in saying that he wouldn’t leave her and that Kate isn’t on the list and he is using her to get the three that he is missing.  What kind of creepy plan does SL and Claire have for Kate?  Will Sawyer or Jack be able to save her? 

SL leaves the camp and while he is gone everyone is shot with darts and Jin is taken.  Sun is alone in her garden when SL approaches her.  SL told Sun he has found Jin and to come with him.  “He would never make her do something against her will.”  What did Sun do?  She got the heck out of doge and ran! 

Sun bumps her head and Ben finds Sun who now cannot speak English. 

SL returns to his camp to find everyone was drugged.  He woke up Sayid and devised a plan to get Jin back from Widmore.  James/ Sawyer is very weary of everything that is going on and tells Kate that when SL doesn’t come back from the island they will make their move. 

Widmore gave Jin a camera with pictures of Sun and his daughter on it.  He then told Jin that everything will cease to exist including them and his own daughter if SL gets on the island.  He then told Jin it was time to show him “the package.”  Cue dramatic music.  SL pops up on the beach but is stopped by those tower things.  Widmore approaches him on the perimeter and said that he didn’t have Jin.  SL said, ” A man once said war would come to this island.  I guess now is the time”, or something like that it was intense. 

SL returned to his camp to Sawyer/ James disappointment but he does not have Sayid.  Sayid swam to the other island and when he got to the dock he saw the biologist getting a drugged person off of the submarine.  Sayid and this person lock eyes but say nothing.  The camera panned and it was Desmond!!! He is back!  So is he the package?  Is he the key?

Richard returned to the beach and was ready to go.  I wonder what the plan is?  Sun refused to leave the beach because she is waiting for her husband.  No one can truly understand her until Jack figured out that Sun could write English in order to communicate.  He asked Sun why she didn’t go with SL and she wrote she didn’t trust him.  Jack asked if she trusted him and she nodded yes.  He then said for her to come with the group and he swore to help her find Jin. 

6 more episodes guys and it keeps getting better!

Sunshine’s Quick Thoughts:

  • Pet peeve of the night—the stupid V countdown clock in the corner that actually blocked one of the notes that Sun wrote to Jack.  If I didn’t hate V before I hate it now.
  • So Smoke Locke has to get all the candidates off the island and here’s why: One of these candidates is the next Jacob, Jacob confines him to the island, if they are all gone that means no Jacob and no containment.
  • Still sticking with Hurley being the next Jacob
  • Glad to see Richard stop sulking and start taking action
  • I enjoy that Sawyer and Jack are running the same con by pretending to go along with the master plan, but really working on their on plan. I can’t wait until they reconnect.
  • Funniest line of the night from Sawyer when the smoke monster says he can’t just turn to smoke and float to the next island: “Because that would be just damn ridiculous”
  • Desmond is the constant so I am not suprised to see him as “The Package”.  Clearly he has some power that Widmore has to keep him drugged to control.
  • Sun forgetting how to speak english was a clear sign to me that the two stories are starting to merge, I hope its soon, i’m really excited for that payoff.
  • It means something that Kates name was in the lighthouse, but not in the cave.  I think it will be bad news for Smoke  Locke if he allows Claire to kill Kate.  I think the cave may have been a “smoke screen” for Smoke Locke.

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  2. […] LOST: The Package – Se6, Ep8. Posted by: Elizabeth on: March 31, 2010. In: Lost | Television Comment! Elizabeth’s Re-Cap. Parallel Universe. Jin & Sun are not married. He is he escort while in America. Jin was working for Sun’s father …Read More […]

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