Due to being out-of-town last week was a slack week on the blog.  I wanted to give a brief write-up on some episodes I missed.

Justified: Se1, Ep2- Riverbrook

Raylan learned a lesson about transporting convicts on his own and Boyd tried to convince him that he was “born again” and going to take the right road.  The rest of the episode followed a bank robber who escaped with only 3 months left on his sentence.  His wife and her cousin/ boyfriend had been breaking into houses looking for the money.  Conner, the bank robber, teams up with them to find the money only to be shot when the money isn’t found.  It turned out that the family who moved into the house with the stolen money found it and spent it all!  That was great.  To end the episode Conner and his wife go to jail.  He hopes that they get out at the same time and the boyfriend/ cousin is shot by the sniper shooter, Tim Gutterson!  Of course the crazy crush girl had a scene were she shows up and has to spend the night with Raylan.  Luckily we didn’t spend too much time with this.

Modern Family: Se1, Ep 18- Starry Night

In this episode, we see a lot of bonding on different levels.  Mitchell and Jay go on their ritual star-gazing trip but to Mitchell’s surprise Manny tags along.  This somewhat upsets Mitchell but his dad informed him of what a tough time Manny was having and that he hoped that Mitchell could talk with him.  So end the end everyone had a good night.

Gloria and Cameron went for a night on the town and realized what good friends they were.  Their night ended with Cameron’s tires being lifted off his car when visiting Gloria’s old neighborhood.  Gloria got real gangster when she saw what happened to the car!

Claire learned about giving Luke more credit as he completed his own class project without Phil’s help.  This motivated her not to bake Haley’s cupcakes for school.  In the end Claire threw Haley’s out because they were inedible and made them.  So, she learned sometimes no guidance can work.


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