Tonight’s Chuck was supposed to be one of the big ending episodes —you know back when Jay Leno at 10 was saving the network.  But when that didn’t pan out Chuck got an extended life and we got a pretty awesome episode when there are still plenty more to come.  So Jay Lenos suckiness reaps benefits for all.

Tonight Chuck finally got say what we had all been waiting on.  He gets his first post in Rome but doesn’t think he can just pack up and go.  Colonel Beckman gives him one week to vacation and think about whether he wants to go and to think about a team to take with him.  Chuck of course chooses Burbank so he can win back Sarah’s heart.  And of course he can’t do that without Morgan, Captain Awesome, and John Casey.  A pretty awesome team and they all want this to work out for Chuck for there own reasons (Morgan and John so they can be on the Rome team, and Awesome so Ellie will go to Africa with him).

Of course Chuck faces two problems—Sarah thinks he is a killer and Shaw is still making his move on Sarah.  Chuck tells Sarah he wants to be with her but Sarah says he has killed and therefore changed too much.  Of course Chuck can’t tell her that Casey killed the mole—cause thats murder.  So he sets out on a stalk and spill your heart plan.

The super squad follows Shaw and Sarah to a romantic dinner.  Morgan pulls Shaw away with a mysterious phone call and Chuck goes to tell Sarah how he feels.  Unfortunately, The Ring is watching and want Shaw.  Morgan takes a taser to the chest serving as Shaws human shield and Awesome saves Shaw (accidentally) by tackling him before The Ring operative can shoot him (or take him in as he really wanted to do). 

Chuck gets cock-blocked (on accident) by the tackle.  Shaw decides since the ring wants to take him to there leader he will let it happen.  He swallows a tracker (cause no one will check for that) and turns himself over to the Ring.  Sarah is sad, Chuck is sad cause she is sad, and Chuck decides to be a hero and save Shaw.  Shaw meets the leader of the Ring and gets shown a video of what happened to his wife.  Turns out, the Red Test that Sarah remembered last week was Shaw’s wife.  Sarah killed her—Shaw knows it—and he wants revenge.  Chuck saves him from the exploding building and warms Sarah’s heart—even though Shaws has turned to ice. 

Chuck tells Sarah he loves her, multiple times, kisses her, and tells her to meet him at the train station.  Sarah seems unsure, but then Casey tells her that he killed the mole because Chuck doesn’t have the ability to kill.  She seems set to go to Chuck when Shaw shows up.  He tells her he has access to the head of the Ring and needs her help.  Sarah tries to call Chuck but has no signal.  Colonel Beckman finds the tape of Sarah killing Shaws wife and shows it to Chuck.  Chuck puts the puzzle together and realizes the love of his life is in danger.

Great episode, I think we have one more before we go on a two week hiatus, so enjoy!


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